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  • Craftsman wiring question

    Reposting a post from the Third Hand forum as recommended :

    Hello . New member here . I have been given a Craftsman , model 101 27440 lathe that I have seen working , but somehow in moving it I had a wire to the motor come loose and cannot figure out where it goes . It has 5 wires coming from the reversing drum switch to the ( Dayton ) motor ( including the disconnected wire ) . At the motor those 5 wires connect to 7 wires from the motor ( excluding the loose wire from the switch) . These 7 wires are all the same color but have a small brass numbered tag , 1 through 8 ( no # 4 for some reason). They are grouped as such , 1&2 and a wire from the switch , 3 & 7 together , 5 and switch , 6 & switch and 8 & switch . I could make a guess the loose wire goes to the 3&7 group but am not sure . I have tried to find a wiring diagram on the Net but haven`t had any luck . Would any of you know of a place to find a wiring diagram for this machine ? I know it is not a quality machine and probably old but it is just to tinker with in my shop and maybe actually make some part or tool or just play with . Any help would be appreciated and if I need to get any other info or even pictures I will certainly try . Thank you for any replies or suggestions , Larry

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    Larry, is there a data plate on the motor showing the wiring options? This will not include the drum switch, but is necessary to determine
    a possible switch wiring scheme. Also inside the switch cover there should be a wiring diagram for typical useage schemes.
    Post a picture of each if possible.
    RichD, Canton, GA


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      Look closely and see if number 4 has broken off inside the motor housing.


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        If you don't find it I know someone that will probably know. I'll PM my e-mail so you can send a picture. Thanks!


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          In the past Sears has been good about having manuals and parts available for their machines. I know they are having financial problems now and many Sears stores are closing. Also, I believe that the Craftsman brand may have been sold.

          If I had just purchased a Craftsman lathe, I would be all over the internet and possibly the phone too, trying to get a complete operator and maintenance manual for that machine. Download it and save it to several hard drives. And print a hard copy.

          Here's a start:

          That was an easy Google search.
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          And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
          You will find that it has discrete steps.


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            Sorry . No data plate on motor or anything inside the switch cover


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              I looked with a flashlight and could not see anything that could be a broken wire into the motor


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                Flylo , I did send you a email . I hope it went through .


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                  This is the tag on motor . no wiring diagram or tag . There is no tag on the switch for wiring but it is a Cutler Hammer brand switch , if that is any help .


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                    Originally posted by GLDOYLE View Post

                    This is the tag on motor . no wiring diagram or tag . There is no tag on the switch for wiring but it is a Cutler Hammer brand switch , if that is any help .
                    Its a Dayton motor and sold by WW Graingers. Search for the model number, I can not read from the picture. Where is JTiers when we need him!!

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