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Trajan circular metal-cutting saw

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  • Trajan circular metal-cutting saw

    These people have been advertising on cable lately (Velocity channel), so I thought I'd sniff it out:

    7" dia. carbide metal-cutting chop-saw for structural steel/pipe, etc, priced at $197:

    Buy direct and save up to 30% on Bandsaw blades for Metal and Wood

    A whole range of similar:

    Evolution and Trajan Steel Cutting Carbide Circular Saw offers the highest quality of industrial metal cutting machines in The USA. When you need to cut steel, our machines can cut cold, with no coolant. Because the steel is cold it can be picked up and worked with immediately after cutting.

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    I have a 14" metal cutting chop saw I purchased at Northern Tool.
    If I remember correctly it cost me $199 with a $20 off coupon, it works really great.
    The one thing I likes about it was I could see the machine in the flesh.
    The 7" saw seems a little small.
    If you go down sawblades page you will find their larger metal chop saws.

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      I bought a similar saw from Evolution Rage off Amazon,I bought it BEFORE seeing the Trajan-

      The Pros-

      - Cuts quickly
      - Blade lasts a long time
      - Blade remains the same diameter throughout it's life
      - Same blade fits my handheld metal cutting circular saw

      The Cons-

      -Has a flimsy,no,I mean complete POS stamped sheetmetal base and vise.As in sketchy at best on a 90* cut and completely useless,if not outright dangerous on a 45*

      So on that reason alone,if I had it to do over I would definitely buy the Trajan over the Rage,simply because the cast Aluminum base is THAT much better.

      I haven't given up on the Rage yet though.I think it's going to get a new base and vise built up out of 1/4" steel sheet before long.
      I just need one more tool,just one!