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Three Jaw chuck jaws another idea

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  • Three Jaw chuck jaws another idea

    I have seen quite a few ideas for re-grinding chuck jaws, (and I collect them!) now here is another couple of ideas for internal and external re grinding.
    Just when you think every possible method has been tried, along comes a couple more...

    BTW, if you look under the latest newsletter (september) there is an article on balancing grinding wheels.

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    Peter, Thanks for the link. It looks like you might want to watch rpms with those springy blocks in place though. I'm thinking that you might be able to mill a simple spider shape from a solid plate to emulate what he's got there, without the danger.


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      He did say to run it as slow as possible.

      IMHO, a bit much work to avoid drilling holes in your jaws. I just drilled and cut a ring from a piece of pipe. Much easier and the holes hurt nothing. Probably a retired guy with one of those perfect lawns and a perfectly painted and clean house. Not a leaf in sight in the yard.

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      Paul A.
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