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phase 2 or vertex

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  • phase 2 or vertex

    I am researching a 6 inch v/h rotary table
    and would like advise as to which is a better quality import -phase2 or vertex -or any other suggestions

    Thank You

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    jdscvs, I have some of both brands and they both work great. However I think I am somewhat partial to the Phase II. Something to consider if you are making a new purchase, is a tilting type rotary table/chuck. With the tilter you can switch from horizontal to vertical operations without losing the orientation on your part. Vertex has just come out with a 6 inch tilting table which I am adding to my "got to have" list. Don't have any idea of the price but I bet it is a hell of a lot cheaper than a Yuasa brand. I have a Phase II 10 inch tilting table but it eats up waaaaay to much room under the spindle. That problem can be eliminated by adding a riser under the head of your mill but that is another pain in the butt. I don't know what type of mill you have so be sure and check the dimensions to be sure you will have sufficient clearance under your spindle. Hope this answers your questions.