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South Bend 9" Lathe Value?

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  • South Bend 9" Lathe Value?

    Pretty sure its a 9", It's a friend who's dad passed away Located in Pasadena, CA. What kind of value do you think?

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      Even around here, where SB is considered about like a 10EE (no I do not know why), 3 grand is way high. Might be asked for a well tooled "heavy 10", but not a regular 9", even with the goodies.

      It does look like a nicely maintained machine, possibly not a lot of wear. No telling just from pictures, though.

      BTW, I see this is basically a "for sale" post, and not a "should I pay this much". They are frowned on rather severely, although I know this is someone else's piece......
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        I agree with the OP, $2k would be reasonably fair for both parties. Probably a bit better for the seller because although that's a clean SB9A it has a short bed and really tired old original Skinner and Union chucks. But somewhere in the $1500-$2000 range.



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          Thanks for the heads up, took down the for sale part. Did not know.
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            I sold a 9" that looked about like that one for $1500.00 about a year ago.
            I sold it to a friend who had asked me to keep him in mind if I ever wanted to sell it.
            I bought it in about 1970 but I don't remember what I paid for it.
            I bought it from a friend who used it to make model gas range valves for the Magic Chef stove co in ST Louis.
            I know he never abused the machine and neither did I, it's making a nice addition to my friends shop.
            I just used it for race car stuff until I bought a 16" SB in the early 90's, it just kinda sat since then.
            They're worth quite a bit to a hobbyist.
            I didn't advertise it so I don't know what the it's true value was.

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              I sold a bare bones SB9 with the rare taper attachment for $900 to a friend for $900.


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                Just my opinion, Thats the sort after one / Vee belts large dials lots of goodies . Just the
                thread dial is big bucks now a days...................


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                  That tooled up, in that condition, either an A Southbend or an A Boxford would be $2-2.5k all day long in the UK.


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                    Since the OP didn’t say it was for sale but asking value I think it’s ok.

                    As far as values if it was here in NC it would bring tooled like the photos close to $1500 to $2000. I seen one sold just like it at an auction local for $1100 but the collets were separated from the lathe.

                    Some of the folks there said it was bought at a bargain, it depends on the area SBs are rare here

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                      The thing about machines like this is LOCATION. Shipping would be expensive and packaging/crating would also be a major expense, so most go to fairly local customers.

                      I purchased my SB-9 while I was living in Iowa. Believe me, I was looking for about a year for a decent lathe and I found many that were five or more states away. It would have cost hundreds of dollars to ship them to me and most of the sellers were not really into the effort needed to prepare it for the freight companies. I paid under $1000, I can't remember the exact figure. It was the same size SB-9 but did not have the QC gear box nor power feed. I got it with two well used six inch chucks (3 and 4 jaw), one or two drill chucks, and a few cutting tools. I made a day trip across three states to pick it up and the seller kindly traveled another one or two to meet me in a parking lot. At the time I considered it to be a bargain and I considered the seller to be very kind to bring it part of the way.

                      But similar or even better machines, including SBs, were sold in other areas for far less at that time. So, like real estate, it is location, location, LOCATION. If you really want a good number for a price, you do have to factor in other, recent sales in the area. Again, just guessing, but $1500 may be a good starting price. Or perhaps start a bit higher so you have some room to bargain. LA is not in the UK.

                      Originally posted by thaiguzzi View Post
                      That tooled up, in that condition, either an A Southbend or an A Boxford would be $2-2.5k all day long in the UK.
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                        I think that lathe with all the goodies will make some HSM very happy he didn’t buy an import for which much of that stuff may not be available at any price.


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                          Fair bit of tooling, uninstalled taper attachment, larger dials, location where lathes are rare. That sounds like a 2k lathe to me.



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                            I'd rather own a Hendey with it's built in leedscrew reverse.


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                              There is one for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $700, with lots of tooling, and only about 20 miles from me. I'd jump on it if I needed it, but it's equivalent to my HF 9x20, and I'm not doing much machining at this time.


                              I have no connection to the seller, so this is just as a benchmark for what it's worth. I've found some pretty good deals on FB Marketplace, and there are other groups that allow BS&T (Buy, Sell, and Trade - or Blood, Sweat & Tears). Also check local neighborhood groups.
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