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LeBlond #2 tool and cutter

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  • rdfeil
    As answered above, virtually no chance for long term damage. especially with the thermals kicking out as you described. There is simply not enough torque/horsepower to do much work.
    Another thing to clarify... You stated that you connected wires 6, 7, and 8 togeather. Shouldn't that have been 4, 5, and 6? Just wanting to avoid confusion for non motor people.

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  • rkepler
    Originally posted by outlawspeeder View Post
    So the only question is what is the long term effect of running a motor wired for 440 with 220? Time will tell.
    Likely no long term effects since it's starting and running ok. There's always a possibility that some windings have cooked some and will fail in the future but if they haven't failed at this point you're probably good for a long time to come.

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  • outlawspeeder
    I know I am replying to my own post, but maybe it will help someone else. or I just talking to myself.

    I opened the motor, pulled the cover and found a Wye pattern on the inside and a hole drilled through the rest of the tag.
    This might be the original motor.

    This image is the key. Knowing if it is a Delta or Wye (Y).

    I found the power wires hooked up to 1,2,and 3. 6 and 9 were joined, 5 and 8 were join, and 4 and 7 were joined.
    For those that have not see the wire tags (note that the orientation of the "T" will help you figure out if you are looking at a 9 or a 6):

    So I hooked 6,7, and 8 together. 3 and 9 were joined with power, 2 and 8 were join with power, and 1 and 7 were joined with power.

    I then put it all back together and fired it up. WOW what a difference. It came right up on speed and it had power to were I could not stall the head.

    So the only question is what is the long term effect of running a motor wired for 440 with 220? Time will tell.

    The next thing I want to do is pull the top shaft apart. I can hear something rubbing. I have seen one of the shield has a dig in it and will need to be worked. It is also missing some machine screws. A set of bearings may be in order.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • outlawspeeder
    started a topic LeBlond #2 tool and cutter

    LeBlond #2 tool and cutter

    I wire the grinder up today and I am having a problem. (seems to be the norm for me) When I bought this it ran fine.
    I called the seller and he says it is 220 3phase before someone asks.

    It is acting like it is set up for 440 volts.

    My rotary phase converter (5HP) works fine for my other 3HP surface grinder. When I hook up the new grinder the 3/4hp motor has no strength. It will spin up with the gear box set to 3100, 4000, and 5100 rpms. At 6500 it speeds up and gets about 50% and I assume the thermal protection pops and I lose power going to the motor. It cools down and I can try it again.

    At 3100, 4000, and 5100 rpms I can stop it with my hand on the spindle. The belt is not slipping, I can hear the motor slowdown.

    Spin down seems to be fast too but I don't feel anything binding.

    What I've looked at:
    Re-did all the new wiring. X2 time
    Flip wires to reverse the direction.
    Fliped it back and moved wires to cycle them??
    Pulled the belt and the motor acts the same.
    (also remove the mouse nest from the base. (all wires are in metal shielding)
    Check voltage, the three legs give me 220 +- 15 (no load) and 110 +-10 to the ground.

    I can't figure out could be causing this from the trip home on the trailer.

    My questions:
    Does anyone have a manual?
    Is there anything I should start looking at?

    Tonight I am going to open the wiring on the motor and check it. I will monitor this post if anyone has some thoughts?

    Thanks for any help.