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Wiring Help made in USA Tread Mill Motor&Controls

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  • Wiring Help made in USA Tread Mill Motor&Controls

    Was wondering if you wiring wizards could show me what wires to connect to see if this unit will run.In the one I added a variable speed pot from a Penta drive if could be configured with this.

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    is that board the original control board? If it is, could you take some close up pics of the 1/4" posts at the top left and right (both the 2 without plugs on them, plus the ones with), the part that the pot wires plug into and the 3 pin plug at the bottom (red white and black JST plug). The silk screening should give some hints as to what's what.

    Typically on non-PWM controlled boards (ie. ones with pots or sliders), you have AC1 + 2 for incoming AC power, DC+ and - for power to the motor and 3 plugs for the speed control pot. Extras may be for incline motors, fans, hall effect torque control sensors (usually 2 pin) and so on.

    Good looking DC motor though


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      Motor and circuits are mounted on common frame as it came from treadmill,the pot did not come with it was curious if could be used.


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          What make model of T.M.?


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            The round board is controller. Yellow board is power supply. Better pic of round board would help.

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              Hey Tundra - looks I’m your neighbor here in Red Deer. Anyway, I hope you can figure out how to make what you have work. I have a treadmill motor also but the control board is built into the main panel and isn’t really that useful or convenient. I looked around for alternatives and don’t really want to spend a bunch on a controller $100. +. I found a YouTube video by MikeManMade “Low Cost DC Controller for Treadmill” that shows how to put together a controller with inexpensive parts most of which can be sourced through Banggood or EBay etc. He does a good presentation and I plan on doing it with mine but not sure when.
              Hope this helps.


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                it's tough to work out from the pics, as it's the labels on the boards next to the plugs that really help. My best guess is that the cord with the red/white/green is the AC power coming in, the cord with the blue/gray/purple going to the S1/2/3 plugs is part of the speed control (if they connect the 2 boards I don't know where the pot would go), the cord with the white/black is the DC power to the motor and the 2 pin thin black wire is most likely a speed sensor. I also see on the big board a plug/ pin labelled UP - did this treadmill come with an incline motor? If so, then some of the plugs, mostly likely including that one, are to do with control and power of that motor too.

                I don't know what the 2 black multipin plugs are for. It's possible that one of them is for the speed pot, which would solve the "where does the pot go?" question.

                One quick and easy way to fix the problem is to buy an MC60 controller off eBay But it should be possible to figure out how to use what you have.


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                  Have better pics , the top panel on tread mill was missing could not find a name on it,I assume it's older all bolts were standard not metric.The S 1 2 3 wires connect boards together,would like to see if powers up got it for free so nothing lost if try something and go wrong.


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                    oh yeah, those are really helpful, thanks.


                    Top left - AC hot, with a fuse in between the RH Hot plug and the one labelled Fuse. If you want to try without a fuse, just plug the AC Hot line onto the Fuse plug.

                    Top middle - AC neutral is the set of 3 labelled Common. My guess is the incline motor (Elev) is AC and the power for the controller board (MC) also comes off the same pad. The cord with the black and white wire goes from L1/2 on the controller board to Power Motor (left central on the main board) and MC - that'll be your controller board power+the power that ends up in the motor.

                    Top right - S1/2/3 are the speed control outputs (voltages most likely) that go to the S1/2/3 inputs on the controller board.

                    Left central - Elev Up and Elev Down are for the incline motor, Motor Power goes to the controller board

                    Central - Frame = ground point for AC, motor and probably the treadmill frame.

                    Pickup - hall effect sensor that goes to a magnet on the roller pulley, to maintain speed under load. Nice, but not needed in my experience (ie. works without it).

                    Black phone jack looking thing on the top right - I'm betting that's your speed pot input. You can see traces connecting that to resistors around the S1/2/3 plugs.

                    Bottom right plugs - I'm guessing that's to do with the incline motor control.

                    Controller board
                    S1/2/3 - speed control inputs
                    L1/2 - power inputs
                    Box with a + in it - I'm guessing that these are your DC motor outputs, there should be a - plug in there too.
                    A1/2 - don't know what these are for, my guess would be your incline motor outputs (as no polarity is marked).

                    So, to get things working, connect DC motor to controller board, AC input to Fuse/Common/Frame and figure out a way to plug a pot into that telephone jack socket thing on the top right. If you turn over the board you may be able to trace the connections. there should be 3 traces if the treadmill originally had a speed control pot or slider (not push buttons). Usually 0V and 5(or 10)V with a central voltage divider trace - where your pot is from 0 to 100%. If you can figure that out, you should be able to solder directly to the pins that feed those traces or the components that are fed by those traces.


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                      Thanks Mattt,labeled all wires to connect back in original spades in the 2nd and 3rd pic in first post the small wires that went up to control console if correct wires were connected would that not power it up.If you guessing which colors would be best bet.Just wondering.


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                        With only three apparent semi's and a large electrolytic cap, I am guessing it is a PWM controller, not a SCR bridge.
                        Also the absence of a motor line choke would add to this.
                        But the absence of any significant IC's is puzzling unless it is very old/basic control.
                        The circular power board sort of indicates it was originally designed to be internal to a motor housing?
                        Another source of a T.M. controller is the surplus KB controllers, they range from SCR bridge to PWM and have a restart input feature for the implementation of motor reversal.
                        I see the current limit pot is also not installed.
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                          3T's what brand treadmill? must have been a quality unit...

                          edit; disregard question as someone already asked it...
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                            A1 A2 To motor armature brushes

                            +plus -Minus to tacho wires on motor


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                              Further to the apparent lack of IC control, some boards have the IC's on the reverse side of the board (circular one).