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New here: Just installed Tpactool 3 axis DRO....

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  • New here: Just installed Tpactool 3 axis DRO....

    on my Grizzly G0731 Mill. So far it works right out the gate, and it's been calibrated (just in the X and Y axis the Z Knee was dead on). The only issue I have is the read-out numbers in the Y and Z axis flash back and forth between numbers in the tenths rows. How can I stop this? I tried hugging the mill but to no avail.

    It is sooo cool to have a DRO and don't have to read a dial that has 125 thousands for a full revolution!

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Mark Tracy

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    I don't have that brand, and don't see the manual on line. Easiest solution is the piece of black tape over that last digit. Many people have done that. Second is to put translucent colored tape over it so it's still usable but not as visible.

    Last is to look at the "HLT" button function in the manual. That might let you change the number of displayed digits.

    I like having .0002 resolution shown on the display. It lets me know if I have .0030 instead of somewhere between .0025 and .0034

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