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Screw sizing for carbide inserts

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  • Screw sizing for carbide inserts

    Can someone explain how to determine the correct screw size for a given carbide insert? As an example, Banggood lists RPMT 3 MOE VP 15 TF inserts. Elsewhere they list various torx screw sizes ranging from M2.5 to M5 in several lengths. What screw goes where?
    Why am I interested? Lee Valley Tools lists an Arbortech wood grinding disc for angle grinders and claims that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. My problem is that it is BEYOND pricey at $175.00, plus $59.75 for THREE replacement inserts. From looking at the photo, the disc seems to be turned from a 4" disc of 3/8" steel, with some profiling and three notches cut and tapped for the inserts. I THINK that the machining is within my capabilities, and could even be FUN! Those inserts that I referenced are $8.28 for TEN and screws are about $7.00 for 50.
    I know that Lee Valley Tools has to make a living, but I dont ALWAYS have to help!
    On the same subject they,(Lee Valley,) list a chain saw disc for about $50.00 and Banggood has a similar one for under $16.00.
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    There is a standard of these probably over somewhere but based on quick look I think it is M4 screw:

    For wood carving I would try first with the sharper RPGT- H01 grade inserts ie:


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      I would think that the screw size is related to the holder that it screws into as well as the pocket in the insert that it goes through.
      At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.


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        A quick look-see at Arbortech's website reveals this:
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