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    Hey List,

    I have some Bahco/Sandflex bimetal hole saws. I need to turn some arbors for the saws as the original arbors are tiny and flex under load. I have a question I hope someone can help me with.

    The thread on the 30mm saw (the one used to thread onto the arbor)is approx. 11.2mm dia (using caliber) and the 38mm saw is about 14mm.

    Is there a standard thread for these arbors?
    Are these imperial threads? If so, does anybody know what they are?

    Thanks in advance for your much needed help.



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    Opps -- forget that idea....

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      Lennox is a good brand to look for. I have a dozen laying around here bought for different jobs. They have two pins to carry the load, not on the threads like other holesaws.

      One is on a tubing "jig joiner" that notches or fish mouths tubing to be welded. It has cut over 200 pieces of chrome moly tubing.

      BUT then, I am unfamilar with your brand.. it may be just as good.

      No, I don't know the threads, Plastic thread cards with mm and inch fingers/thread guages are about $2.00.. I have one hanging over my mill. Sometimes it is worth every penny..

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        American companies have been standardized on 5/8" - 18 tpi for hole saws for as long as I can remember.


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          I have several homemade arbors for them,I don't use the threads,they are never timed the same,they rely instead on the drive pins either side of the thread,thats why there is soo much slack in the commercial arbors.

          What I do is turn a stub pilot to fit snug inside the threaded section.I drill and tap 1/4-20 threads either side and use allen capscrews to both transmit the torque and hold the saw to the mandrel.The setup workds good and I have used it to blank out 4-1/2" holes in 5/8 plate in the b-port with no problems.
          I just need one more tool,just one!