I've got 8 gas containers and one oil extraction pump that I want to get rid of. There are five 5 gal containers and 3 1 or 1.5 gal containers and one oil extractor. A few of the containers are empty but the others have old gas in them. Our town has a "hazardous waste day" once or twice a year and I was going to wait for that to get rid of these, but if someone wants them they are all yours. You will want to dump the contents as I'm sure the gas is very bad now. One of the 5 gal containers might contain used car oil but I don't remember. The containers are probably still worth $100 after you dump out the contents/etc. Let me know if anyone is interested in them. I think the oil extractor still has oil in it back from around 2006.

This stuff is located around ~10 minutes off the Westford exit #32 on 495. Take all or none; thanks! I also have some other free stuff like (qty:2) HF tool stands, ATV tires, misc utility wheels, water solar heaters (4 or 5 of them 20'x2' each), etc. I'm sure there is a lot more if you want to take a walk around too. PM me if interested.