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Compressed Files Or Zipped ??

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  • Compressed Files Or Zipped ??

    Just wondering......... are large files still zipped or compressed??
    I remember back in the 90's or so this was common with large files for both storage and e-mailing purposes but with high speed internet and no limit to data storage is this method still used?? It was always a PIA.


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    Of course it's still used.

    P.S. .ZIPping is one the many forms (algorithms) of compression.
    WI/IL border, USA


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      I zip, and unzip file daily for emailing large design/cad files. I don't understand the PIA, quite a simple process really.


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        Size limits on mail servers are generally higher than they used to be, but don’t be surprised if attachments over 20MB are rejected. That’s the de facto standard nowadays, so compress your file if needed. (I deal with this on a daily basis)


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          I don't use MS zip personally.
          Anything I do gets tarballed and compressed with bz2 or gz. Occasionally I will use an xz/7z.
          Tarballs are easier to checksum, and IME less prone to corruption. xz/gz/bz are more effective compression algorithms.

          Just because you CAN send your mail on a private jet, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
          (The internet and all the power it consumes are ultimately a -resource-, and I don't believe in frivolously wasting any resource)

          So to answer the question, Yes, "zipping" is still used a lot.
          Consider also that most picture (jpeg) and music (mp3) are themselves lossy compressed formats... some computer tech somewhere has decided to minimise the (computing) cost, and you kind of have to go out of your way to get lossless pics/movies/music.