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  • No stinking pedals anywhere!

    Well, I finally found a few hours to work on my roll former. I need a Wah pedal (or similar) that I can modify to use 10K pot. It's a speed controler for the dc gear motor. I've been to every flea market and pawn shop in a 50-mile radius and still no luck.

    What's up with these pedals? What else could they be good for?

    I feel a home-brew comming. Anybody ever make one? A new $250 pedal is out of the question.

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    I got one, I bought it years ago to modify a welder.

    A welding pedal is the same. It is a rack gear that turns a spur gear on the pot. Some also have a side to side rack for some reason?

    I had two 3/4 dc motors on ebay a week ago. You got one already on your bead roller?

    Check ebay for a pedal. I gave I think 15$ for mine.

    I think it was called a Wa-WA pedal.. no ideal why.

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia
    Heres one.. kinda expensive on the buy it now.

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      Just make one,your in the car biz I'm sure you got a foot gas pedal around somewhere

      It doesn't have to be a rack it could also be a sector gear,or for that matter a sproket and chain.

      Oh and Dave- waw waw wwwwawwaw wwwaw wawwawaw waw wawwa-China Grove,oh-ho China Grove

      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        You don't want a "Wah" pedal, it has a bunch of electronics in it, and is more expensive.

        What you want is a volume pedal. All there is in it is a pot.

        The kicker is the pot is probably 470K ohms. If that works for you, OK.

        Or you can replace it.

        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan


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          Here ya go. I made it for my tig welder.


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            Here is pic of another one. Made for potters wheel that made for daughter-inlaw.


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              Nice job Gary! Your's looks like it was made by a machinist. Mine looks like it was made by a welder.


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                Thanks for the look inside guys. I was wondering how I could get 300 degrees of pot rotation from about 30 degrees of foot movement in a compact setting. That explains it. Duh, what was I thinking.

                Mine was gettin' to be the size of a milk crate on paper!


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                  270 degrees seems to ring a bell.


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                    I really like the one in the FS electrical box.. NEATO..

                    Hey ya build me one like that and I'll swap you a wah pedal.

                    I have a pneumatic joystick somewhere.. WAnna go air motor?

                    David Cofer, Of:
                    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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                      How about a pedal from a sewing machine? I have had some success with controlling small things with one. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. They are available all over and if your wife or mother has a sewing machine you can try one without having to buy one.

                      I would get out of the house while she is distracted though!


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                        Actually if you are using a brush type motor a sewing machine control (rheostat) is not a bad deal..

                        David Cofer, Of:
                        Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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                          Howsbout instead of all that linkage. Use a larger wheel like maybe a 2â€‌ or so disk mounted directly on the pot and sticking up thru a slot. To use you slide your foot forward or back on the disk to adjust. The disk would have a pin sticking out one side to act for the stop limits.


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                            Yea, I thought about a sewing machine pedal but I don't believe they can be modified to give enough rotation. They're also too low in resistance to use stock.

                            I was out tinkerin' in the shack tonight and I think I've got the base thickness down to about one inch. I found a piece of brass rack and a gear to match. A lever and some linkage should give me the movement I need.

                            Oh yea, it's a 25K pot, not 10k. Sorry. I've got the dc gear motor, chain guard and controler mounted. I'm waiting for some sprockets and chain to come in. Should be here tomorrow or Thursday latest. I hope #40 will take the torque.

                            Can't wait to fire this baby up! Tired of straining to work 22ga. with the old wiper motor setup. This thing should munch 16ga. with no sweat. We'll see.

                            Thanks again Dave, Mike and Gary for the brain jog!

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                              If you haven't built it already, try to find a linear potentiometer. Mount it vertical with a small plunger on a pedal a little bit away from the pivot point.

                              Fixing my potters wheel and it's what I am doing, figure it's a bit easier than messing with gears. Had been playing with gears and crap til I took one of the potters wheels apart today at school. For something so simple, it sure is taking me a damn long time to build it!