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O/T Good Hands Insurance Issue for Shop

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  • O/T Good Hands Insurance Issue for Shop

    Ok, changed Insurance companies a few months ago to the big A one. They sent out a Home Inspector to check out the property. Agent tells me I have
    a tree over hanging the Shop that needs to be trimmed as leaves are touching the roof. Oh and way back in my fenced in yard, only accessable across my property I have a couple of brush piles that need to be removed. WTF!!

    So the other day I took a picture of the tree, zero limbs touching the roof BTW and sent to the agent. Also informed him where the brush piles
    were located and I have had problems getting anyone (I am paying) to remove.

    So, question of the day. I have had some type of Homeowners Ins for the various houses for the past 50 years or so and never have had any Agent tell
    me anything like this??? Is this now the New norm??
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    Two things.

    One, they are looking to reduce their chance of needing to pay out, by reducing risks.

    Two, they are laying the groundwork for a denial of any claim, by asking for "reasonable maintenance" which, if not done, can be cited in a claim denial.
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      Are they insuring your shop, which sounds like a detached building? If they are covering replacement cost, does it include all the tools and equipment inside?


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        It could also be a rationale for establishing a higher premium.
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          You're never in good hands with any insurance company.
          All the deals sound sweet until payout time.



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            Originally posted by TGTool View Post
            It could also be a rationale for establishing a higher premium.
            That's the norm now days.

            My daughter purchased a house two years ago. The inside was OK but outside and yard had been let go for a few years. It's been a battle each year with the insurance company.
            Had the same issue with trees you are having and issue with bad siding, which she wants to replace but not in budget right after buying the house. First insurance company would not renew policy. Second company also inspected the house had problem with some bare wood spots on siding and said roof was only good for 5 more years. At end of year said would not renew policy saying roof needed replacing and there was junk in back, fenced in, yard. Junk was tree rounds form rotten tree we removed and were splitting for fire wood, a used metal garage door we purchased to replace the rotten wood one, a metal security screen and scaffolding frames to be used when working on the siding.

            We replaced the roof and now the insurance company is giving her grief about not have a document form a licensed contractor we did it ourselves. They are also going to send an inspector to check the outside and have said he may have to check the inside of the house also.


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              State Farm has never even seen my house and, with the home and auto bundle, the insurance premiums are quite reasonable. I purchased the house 3 years ago so it was relatively recent.

              Not sure what the answer is but if I had the kind of experience PortlandRon described, I'd go apesh*t crazy.


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                It must have something to do with location.

                I've lived in tract homes (3 of them) for the last 40 years. None of them ever needed an inspection, except for when a pipe burst and they needed to appraise the damage before paying the claim.

                On the other hand, we've had wildfires throughout California, so it might be reasonable to check rural homes for fire safety.

                At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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                  My shop and my house are surrounded by lots of trees.
                  I routinely inspect the trees for their health and if they
                  are leaning towards my buildings. I have cut about 10
                  or more trees in the last 6 years that looked like a danger
                  to my house or shop. I do not care about the insurance
                  paying me to have the house damage fixed. I don't
                  want it damaged in the first place. I did a lot of work in
                  my house and I built my entire 25X60' shop. I have
                  too much sweat and pride invested to have some mickey
                  mouse hack contractor do a half aszed job fixing my
                  buildings. So I really look at my trees to see if they pose
                  a danger. Some I cut myself if I can drop them with
                  confidence away from damaging something. If a tree is
                  leaning towards my house or shop, I call a tree guy and
                  he ropes it off in the right direction and takes care of it.
                  This is my advise to you is to take care of your trees before
                  they cause you damage. Even though I don't like insurance
                  guys telling me what to do, just forget about that, and do it
                  to avoid the heartaches that building damage will cause you.



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                    Brick house built in 1963 in a growing city of about 60,000 has been updated with all new HVAC, windows and insulation. Appraised at about $40K over rest of houses in this area. Shop and contents insured for $25K. First time with Allstate in about 20 years, was with Farm Bureau and then the screw outfit Farmers Ins.
                    Retired - Journeyman Refrigeration Pipefitter - Master Electrician


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                      I have a great insurance story. When I lived in Hillsdale about 30 years ago, I had one of those huge old satellite dishes about 9 foot in diameter for my television. It took a lightning strike, and burned out the electronics box that controlled it, my television, and some other electronic thing (can't remember now). State Farm stepped right up and replaced everything. Then a few years later when I was living in Peterborough, a pipe broke in the basement, and filled up the basement to about 4" depth before anybody noticed. Again, State farm stepped up and replaced the carpet, replaced the drywall, did a great job. I've lived in Barrie for the last 20 years, and the house I'm in now has very fancy plastered ceilings. I got a roof leak in the front entrance which ruined the plaster ceiling there, but decided not to claim it on my insurance. I paid someone cash to come and do the plaster repair after my roof leak was fixed. I decided to call State Farm and let them know I'd had an "incident" but was looking after it myself.--I just wanted them to know in case there was some damage from the leak I hadn't discovered and would require an insurance claim at a later date. Next insurance bill I got, my premium increased by $500. I called them and asked why, and was told that after 3 claims in ten years, I was a high risk. I said "But the third time, I looked after the repair bill myself." They said "It doesn't matter if you paid for it yourself. You had an incident, and it's your third in a ten year timeframe.---I get my insurance from someone else now.---Brian
                      Brian Rupnow
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                        After Bob Hope’s house burned down he started telling a joke about how he thought he was getting the good hands but all he got was the middle finger. I should have listened! Constant intrusion into my life and they left me doubting there honesty. No thanks and never again.


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                          After having paid Allstate nice fat premiums for several years, we had two claims two years in a row. The first was a dericho (tornado on it's side) and while it did some damage to our house it cut a huge swath through the local village. Next year it was a similar storm, which did some more roof and window damage.

                          Then they sent out a weasel.

                          The guy inspected the property and sent a list of faults, including wiring not in conduit in the barn, trees too close to the house, uneven roadway (it's a bloody farm with a dirt road!), etc etc etc We were cancelled a few weeks after the weasel did his inspection.


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                            Just curious: how do the insurance companies in US take the hobby activities like if you are welding/grinding in your hobby shop?

                            In here you are not supposed to leave your dishwasher running if you leave the house and the insurance companies even attempted at some point that you should unplug your television set instead of just turning it off from remote
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                              I just recently had to change home owners insurance providers as my current company (Mapfre) no longer provides replacement coverage over a certain amount so they sent me a notice saying I'm non-eligible for renewal and I must find another carrier. The new carrier (A.I.G) called to schedule a home inspection inside and outside to verify the actual replacement cost number(s).