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"The Making of Iron and Steel"

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  • "The Making of Iron and Steel"

    50 pages devoted to the subject, covering it in some depth and wide breadth, with occasional illustrations:

    It appears to be a section of some larger document or course, apparently Australian in origin, circa 1996. The actual author and origin are not present.

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    I have saved it for future reading. A quick glance shows that it's complete, from title page to glossary. Thanks for sharing.
    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

    Location: SF East Bay.


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      Thank you Sir.

      I was actually hoping for a chance to buy a blank of some new fangled steel you cooked up. (From the headline .

      Thanks for the read. JR


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        Here's a simple diagram to go with the posted document:

        The central concern of the organisation is to actively influence future political conditions so that steel can be produced sustainably and competitively in Germany. Our mission: Political representation of interests The core mission of the WV Stahl is the political representation of interests. A prerequisite for this is participation in the social discourse on topics […]