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something came in the mail....finally

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  • something came in the mail....finally

    Previously I had bought 3 gear cutters from Banggood and they did the job OK, good enough for me anyway. Now I needed a 48Dp cutter but BG only sells Module type so I went with a .5 M cutter as it is very close and will fudge it a bit. So almost 2 months later and no cutter. When I ordered it it was "out of stock" but miraculously it was back in stock 2 days later and according to the notice they sent me it was shipped. They also guarantee delivery within 60 days so a few days before the deadline I emailed them that it had not arrived. I quickly received a reply from "Mitsy" that said to wait 3 or 4 days and see if it arrived. Amazingly on the 59 day it showed up. It gets better, it wasn't from China but made in Thailand and appears to be of a better quality and to get here on time it must have been shipped air express. They must had to find one and have it sent direct from the factory. I don't know if the original one was lost in the mail or didn't actually get sent but they did make good on it.
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    Or it was in the postal service pipeline for the entire time. I have had some packages show up 3 months after the order and at that point I have already got the refund from the seller. Typival shipping time to here is maybe 2 weeks but some packages take 6 weeks. Overall I have lost ”forever” maybe 1 package out of 100
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