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Need Formula help for figuring the correct depth when milling at an angle. Please

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    It’s so easy, get a bigger scrap bin, usually works, I am joking btw, some of the most difficult things to machine look easy at first glance, inspecting them is even harder as bugger all is nailed down and measurements are hanging in space at intersecting planes, I had a gearbox casing similar to that ok 2’ tall, the drawing looked easy till you discovered you couldn’t inspect it due to the intersection of 2 inclined planes, you can’t measure the corner, well not accurately, piss around with a clock etc.
    The solution was a tooling ball set in the plane that measurements could relate to.


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      A picture drawn to scale (as noted above) is the secret weapon of choice.

      Doesn't solve every problem, but it does solve many of them.
      And the bigger and more accurate you make the drawing, the more accurate the answer it will give you.
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        I seem to recall someone on here once posted about a jig they made so you could measure accurately from a corner exactly like you need to do. A round shaft with an exact quarter of it milled away? Looks like a pacman. Place it on the block and the topside is exactly 1/2 the diameter of the shaft from the corner of the block regardless of how mangled the corner actually is. I think a small hole was drilled in the shaft end wise first before milling the 1/4 away.
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          Originally posted by 754 View Post

          Tolerance.300, now you really lose me.
          he is being extremely sarcastic. rotate Dan's drawing 45 counter clockwise, its a part in the vise. Cut to .707 deep from the peak and you get the bevel ending at 1" in from the side. He's saying if you cut 1" deep like you suggested it would be .3" too deep
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