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  • Warner Swasey Observatory

    Never heard of this before.. neat story:

    On a high, grassy knoll overlooking East Cleveland stands the Warner & Swasey Observatory. Once a scientific landmark, today it is a bleak sentinel. Although it operated for more than sixty years, offering what the Plain Dealer called "a plumb line to the heavens," light pollution from a growing Cleveland reduced its usefulness with each passing year so that by midcentury it was no longer a reliable resource for astronomical research. The Warner and Swasey Company, maker of...

    Lots of info, vids, pics online.

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    Ugh.. Reminds me of my disappointing and very short lived astronomy hobby. About 10 years ago, I jumped all in and bought a really nice Meade 10" LX200-ACF and quickly discovered that light pollution was so bad that most of the popular and interesting celestial objects were always so badly drowned out it was pointless. I ended up returning the unit out of frustration. There was also a local astronomy club but I really didn't want to drag everything out to observation areas that didn't have light pollution as I really wanted to just observe from my back yard.


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      I have a hardly used Meade ETX 105, my excuse is feeling the cold. Where I live surrounded by houses the light pollution has actually dropped because the council has replaced the sodium street lamps with led ones which save electricity and direct the light downwards instead of all around.


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        I had to dig up pictures of my Meade 10-inch LX200-ACF. It was a monster. I was originally going to get the 12-inch but it's so damn heavy I figured if I didn't have a fixed observatory for it then I would never want to move it inside/outside so I got the 10-inch which was still a PITA to move inside/outside for observation.