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OT: Lowes closing 27 stores (Canada), 20 stores (US)

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    There is a Home Depot about 2 miles from my house, and Lowes is only about 1 mile further. But HD is just a bit easier to get to, and I have become accustomed to going there. I think Lowes has a little better website, but HD's is OK. I like to support the local Ace / True Value Hardware, but they close early, have higher prices, and less selection.

    About 20 years ago, I guess, most of the other local hardware stores were going out of business, and had serious liquidation sales that were as much as 80% off, and some items were on "make an offer" basis. I put together a bag of brass plumbing fittings and fasteners and gave a lowball offer. The store manager was reluctant to accept it, but the "advisor" told him he should take it. I still have most of the stuff, unused.

    When I was searching for carbide tooling for my knurling project, the search engine on HD came up with lots of carbide end mills and such, but they are shipped from some other suppliers free to store or even free home delivery if $50 or more. Lowes might also have that, and Walmart also does.

    I would hope that HD treats their employees better than those at Lowes. They should take a hint from Amazon where employees get at least $15/hr minimum wage and benefits, but of course most of them are robots.
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      Originally posted by reggie_obe View Post
      HD gives the same 10% discount to all Veterans.
      Not all veterans. Former military is only for retirees and disabled vets. They did offer it to "All Veterans" for a while but then a bunch of people with no problem adding their name onto a fake DD214 had to screw it up for those folks. If Disabled your VA card needs to say "Service Connected" and at Home Depot they do check.

      For other veterans the VA will issue a card to show that you served.

      Veterans who would like an identification card that displays their military service have several options available to them now.

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        Originally posted by reggie_obe View Post
        Yesterday's news.

        First Marv Ellison bailed on the Depot because they wouldn't make him CEO, then he went to JC Penney, cut worker benefits and made many full-time workers PT with no benefits. As soon as his non-compete clause expired, on to bigger fish. Now he's eff'in over the Lowes employees....,but he is providing shareholder value.
        Yeah, Home Depot had the same problem with Bob Nardelli until the board fired him. One of the employees I knew well said everyone in the break room cheered when the manager made the announcement that Nardelli was fired. Lumber during that time was so bad I refused to buy any there.



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          In a nearby town the HD opened literally next to the Lowes, I don't know how that makes sense to anyone. The "grow or die" corporate motto seems to dictate they are always stealing customers from another store of theirs when they open a new one. I had 2 within a 20 min drive when they opened the one near me. Costco seems way more careful, to my annoyance. I had 3 stores within 1/2 hr, but they refused to open one in my county even thought those stores are always packed. Now they're building one, but it's in the ass end of the county, Bayonne, 15-25 minutes from the densest, wealthiest part.

          I find Lowes has a better selection of plumbing, lighting, lumber, and particularly moldings. But there's a HD within walking distance, and it's across the street from the huge liquor store, so.... you know. What's truly shocking is between the big boxes and the real estate price boom every plumbing supply in a city of 250k has closed! But the big boxes do not carry anywhere near the depth and breadth of a real plumbing supply. I have to either drive out of town or mail order. Fortunately Supplyhouse is nearby on long Island and has excellent service and prices.
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            I used go to lowes all the time but had a bad deal with a hot water heater. took two weeks to get money back. got one from hd. have been going there ever since.


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              I am not in the US but have shopped there in HD, walmart etc.

              The comments saying they crap products based on location are wrong.
              Where several similar stores lowes, home depot, hf get together the sales for all increase.

              Where products get crapped, and are horrible quality, as has often happened, is mostly to do with 2 things.
              Outsourcing production to china.
              Total incompetence (and disinterest) of management to manage the outsourcing.

              Most management is there for a short while and collects stock based compensation and leaves.

              They have negative personal interest in getting into a very complex supply chain relationship.
              Whatever they do, find, or work on re: supply they will get less money, bonuses, and their golden chariot will be less profitable.
              The management is paid, a lot, not to look into such issues.

              The management is not stupid or incompetent.
              But they work under orders from their bosses, and face demotion/dismissal and major lack of financial prizes if they do not go along.
              It is stupid, wrong, short sighted, yes.
              So was clear cutting trees, dumping sewage in rivers, promoting marlboro man, etc.


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                Not entirely sure what you are driving at, there..... But HD definitely does buy cheaper "outsurce" versions of brand name products. I mentioned the locks, which more than one locksmith has told me about. Even the welders they sell are Lincoln models with "HD" added in the model number. That appears to relate to "Home Depot", but of course I do not have the full story on that.

                I stand fast on the HD having cheezy versions and bad products in several areas.

                But you are dead right about the stores doing better when clustered. I see it myself in my own actions. I will go to that "cluster", specifically because if I cannot find what I want at one, I can easily go to one or both of the others. there is a lone HD a bit closer to me, located where there is a bit less traffic and congestion. But the convenience of the grouping means I usually prefer to deal with traffic to go to the "clustered" stores.
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