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Lining Pen, home made and cheap

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  • Lining Pen, home made and cheap

    I'm not sure how much interest this will be on a machining forum however, if your interested in model engines this might be of interest.
    I came across some "Blunt Dispensing Needles" on an auction site, bought some for less than $3 and used them to make a lining pen with different size nibs.
    I do have a Bugler Liner which used a paint wheel and is great for larger work however I didn't get much success on smaller scale models. I have been using an old fashioned draughtsman pen, the type that has two fingers as a nib and the gap and therefore the line width is adjustable with a small screw. This works reasonably well but I find I get what I would describe as a high build up of paint forming the line, this does depend upon paint viscosity, anyway doesn't look quite right to me. I find the lining pen I've built gives a flatter painted line.

    I made some videos showing the build and initial trials. I'm about to start lining a small steam engine, a Stuart 10V, I'll post a video of that when done.

    Making the nib holder
    Making the nibs and first trial
    Improved results



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    Elegant even. Looks like you made your own technical pen that can use whatever paint/pigment/color is to your liking.


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      BRAVO! A great piece of home shop tooling to use on home shop projects.
      Chilliwack BC, Canada


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        Great work. Great videos.