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    And the next caliper under scrutinization is from Shahe.

    Shahe IP54 150mm caliper from Shahe's shop in aliexpress: (You have to dig the shop by yourself, IMO these are not worth the money)

    +Jaws look ok without ridiculous deburring&rounding like in "Pride" calipers

    -craptastic battery life, 20uA ON and 20uA when powered OFF, no difference at all if you turn the caliper off or not. Works out to about 10k hours or about 1 year battery life. Definite disappointment.

    -Low battery indication at 2.7-2.8v zero drifts 0.02mm at this voltage. (acceptable, not really a huge problem)

    -Feel and sound is more gritty than the "Pride" caliper, movement binds pretty badly if adjusted for nice&snug fit at small end of measurement range.
    (slide width is 16.011mm measured 10mm from the fixed jaw and 16.030 measured 110mm from the fixed jaw. 0.019mm taper on the slide About as ****ty as the worst CCC-calipers.)

    -pretty annoying battery compartment design, shoots the battery out half of the time before you manage to put on the lid.

    +-Accuracy appearst to be within +-0,02 mm specification but just barely so.

    -- P.S. This caliper seem to have standard mini-USB port for computer connection but the port is anything but USB.
    As typical for chinese they use whatever connector seem fit and you need to buy Shahe's speciality usb cable with "black box" to connect to computer. I tried it with normal usb cable to computer and got "Power Surge on USB Port" warning on computer screen. Maybe the serial port connection on caliper got fried also.
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