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Good Information I found Deep Hiole Drilling In home Shop

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  • Good Information I found Deep Hiole Drilling In home Shop

    I been Muckiung about with Various Machining Projects in thew Shop. one of is Deep Hiole Drilling. I am at a loss with my old Lathe since it only will Run 840 RPM wound right out. I wishj it would go faster!! Ideas? Maybe Pulley Size Increase? I wonder what a Cinncinatti Tray Top Lathe could Run at before Damage would be done to it? Anyhow I get so much great Ideas fro mthis Site and Its Members I wish to try to give some back. Check this Video very very nicely Made and it gave me more Ideas than I had before regarding the Drilling Issues I am Facing. Im doing 13.5 inch Deep by .375 Diameter. In prehardened 4140 Matwerial. It is NOT a through hole .Shafts are 28 Inches Loing. Thanx

    Setup instructions for the use of a Hammond & Co. Spraymist Tank on a centre lathe.The problems of twist drilling deep holes are well known in the engineerin...

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    You didn't say the age, type etc. of your machine but a lot of older machines where only designed to "go slow" and cranking up the rpms on them will just destroy the bearing surfaces.
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      Sorry Loose Nut My Lathe is a Cincinnati Tray top Tool room Lathe circa ? forties Im Guessing. Its been a Good Machine..It is equipped with Roller bearings.


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        I'm doing some deep holes in 17-4 SS right now. A 3/16" diam. x 4.5" deep. It was giving me a lot of grief before switching cutting fluid to Boelube. Then it started cutting smoothly. I was able to go about 1/16" deep at a time before pulling the drill to clear chips. Before that, I could only go 20 - 30 thou. at a time with chatter and binding.
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