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  • bandsaw sharpener

    I am interested to built a bandsaw blade sharpener. Could anybody supply me any info where I could find this project ?

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    Is this for a small saw? I don't know of any here in the states. We just buy a new blade. I would imagine a fixture could be made to sharpen one without too much trouble.


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      You could build one,but you could also find a Belsaw handsaw sharpener on ebay for less than $100,they will do handsaws and bandsaw blades as well as cicular saws with the right attachments.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        The first thing you need to tell us is which type of blade you are wanting to sharpen??

        If this is for a bandsaw lumber mill you will need to look at some type of grinding machine, as the teeth are usually large and often hardened.

        If you want to sharpen blades for a woodworking bandsaw you may be able to sharpen them on a foley/belsaw type machine with the bandsaw attachment, but be aware that these machines take some practice and skill to set up and use, and will not sharpen blades that have been hardened, and will only do an adequate job on "V" shaped teeth.
        I tried to sharpen some bandsaw blades on my belsaw filer when I had my sharpening shop.
        I came to the following conclusions:
        1) This takes a lot of time to set up.
        2) There are only a few styles of blades that can be effectivly sharpened this way.
        3) It takes a long time to actually sharpen the blades.
        4) Blades don't last well due to cracks induced by the sharpening.
        5) It's way cheaper and easier to buy blades by the foot and either weld or braze them .
        The above may not apply to blades for band mills as they are much bigger and quite expensive.

        There was an article in Fine Woodworking some years ago on building a small jig to sharpen blades on a bench grinder. You might be able to find it in their index.



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          I buy 100' rolls of blade stock and silver solder 6 at a time. When I get down to the last one, I make some more.