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    I'm sure some of you guys have made your own...... lets hear it.

    I cut out a set the other day because I need to double them up. Reason.....I'm in the process of installing way covers. The part that slips behind the wiper plate causes the plate to screw down at a slight angle because of the thickness of the part of the bellows that goes behind the top of the wiper plate. To try and rectify the problem I'm going to double up the wipers to make up the thickness.

    I got a set of wipers with the covers. They feel really soft and pliable as compared to the F7 felt material that I have on hand.
    The F7 material is firm and somewhat stiff in feel, like it was starched and pressed as compared to the replacement wipers. Not sure which would be the better choice.


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    I would think stiffer might be better? Less likely to get a chip trapped in the felt and score the way.

    It doesn't help your specific question, but my Kearney Trecker mill uses brass wipers. There's the wiper cover and behind that is a brass bar with a slotted screw hole and a flat spring to keep the brass pushed against the way. Kind of cool, actually. I hadn't seen that arrangement before.