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    good afternoon.

    i find myself in need of what the cincinnati company calls a 'Quill Feed Torsion Spring'. the cincinnati company also wants $661.and some change for it.

    the spring i took out of my mill is 0.750" wide and 0.025" thick. what is left of it is about 6 feet long. it is hard to measure springs and live snakes. it has a 90* bend on one end. the other end slips [yeah. right. after turning the air blue and springs flying all over] into a little slot in the head casting of the mill. this is a 2 person job. it wasn't as bad as it sounds above but it could be easily. one person holds a rag over where the spring goes and the other [tries] to get the end in the little slot.

    i have some pictures of this if it would help, but i am a technological dumb ass and don't know how to post them. i could email them if i had an address to email them to.

    MSC has this spring stock but you have to buy a 100 foot coil. i hope i don't live long enough to use up that many quill springs.

    i tried some recoil springs off of lawn mowers but they are only about 1/4" wide and they get all in a wad inside the housing it fits in.

    i would be ever so grateful for any advice or assistance you might have to offer. what would be really cool would be for someone to have some of this left over from some job and want to sell it. i have no idea where to start looking for something like that.


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    Cincinnati does seem to think rather highly of their replacement parts!

    I have no experience with this problem, but if the only problem with the recoil spring is that it is too narrow, how about simply turning a spacer to take up the excess room in the housing?

    As for posting pictures, take a look here:
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Picture posting can be fun to figure out for the first time. If you can't figure it out, send it to me and I will post them for you. It really isn't that hard, once you get the hang of it. Photobucket is really easy.
      David from jax
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        good evening.

        i have thought some about the spacer idea. that might be the solution. however, if it is at all possible, i would like to do it 'right' and maybe solve some problems off in the future.

        i don't know that the pictures will tell any more than what is here already. if i cannot find this stuff in a short length or maybe adapt a bridgeport spring, i can always buy the 100 foot coil from MSC. maybe i could make some extra springs and sell them to cincinnati.

        hmmmmm. 100' will make 16 springs and a drop. i need one spring. 15 springs x $661 = $9,915.00

        maybe someone who has some shorter pieces of spring stock will read all this and come forth.

        thanks for replies. also to you David for offering to post pictures. if someone asks for them i will send them to you, but it would be just as easy for them to email me and save you the trouble.

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          A couple of thoughts....

          You say 100 feet will make 16 springs, looks like 6.25' per spring. You have 6'. So one end is broken off about 3 or 4 inches. Can you duplicate what's on the broken off end on your 6' piece? Probably too simple a solution, huh?

          My other thought is to look in your local phone book for spring making companies. They may have a short length in stock.

          I believe I've seen the need for flat spring temper in other threads on news groups where the individuals came up against the same outrageous pricing on 100' quantities. I have no idea why it's so expensive. Years ago we used to buy this stuff sheared to short lengths with holes punched and IIRC it wasn't partularily expensive, maybe twice the price of mild steel.


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            How about a quill spring from an import mill or drill from Grizzly, Jet or Enco ?

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              good evening.

              probably another brand of spring would work if i could find one that 'fit'. the problem so far is that i have yet to find replacement springs of any brand in this type. [long clock type springs]

              perhaps i didn't make myself clear earlier.

              cincinnati wants $661.++ for an oem spring.

              MSC wants $100.++ for 100 FEET of spring material.

              i don't know of anyone around here that might possibly have such a thing. i live in deepest east texas. i guess i will do some checking tomorrow and see if i can find someone who has replacement parts.

              i am not certain that the spring i took out of my mill was a cincinnati spring. it looks more like some banding material to me. i have already tried duplicating the ends on it. so, it could possibly be some shorter than it started out to be already.

              thanks some more for suggestions.

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                If there's only a few inches in six feet gone, I think I would do as Dr said. Maybe heat the end to replace the bend it needs. Use a vice grip with the paddles to make the bend, and it should draw the heat away quickly enough that some temper remains. That might be good enough.
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