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My first assortment of carbide tips of the year

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  • My first assortment of carbide tips of the year

    I've just got an assortment of tips from ebay through the post today. All unused.

    CNMG 120408 Iscar 8150 for steel 3 off.

    CNMG 120408 Sandvik H13A for stainless 10 off.

    VNGA 1604 04/08 mixed Iscar 4 off and 9 unidentified.

    VNGA 160408 Iscar CBN IB10HC 1 off with 4 edges.

    SNMG 120408 Sandvik H13A for stainless 4 off.

    SNMG 120408 Iscar 8150 for steel 1 off.

    DNMG and CNMG tips too big for the S & B will be screwed to handles for scrapers 6 off.

    A couple of Iscar double ended parting tips, not worth buying a toolholder for and a couple of dozen assorted triangular tips similar to TPUN.

    I paid £29.89 including postage and am eagerly awaiting another job lot coming through the post next week.

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    Mmmmm K.



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      Build a holder for the partu0ing tools , easy
      But first what width ? 4mm be a lit much for small lathe.


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        I have about a dozen parting off tools, conventional and blades, all with replaceable tips, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm and 6mm. The 6mm will not be used for parting, its far too big, grooving in aluminium maybe. that's why making a holder for two off 2mm double ended tips is not worth the bother.
        That single CBN is worth more than I paid for the whole lot.
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          You listed a bunch of inserts, where are the tips? You know, like feeds and speeds