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  • Preventing rust on table saw table...


    Unfortunately, my shop is located in my garage and so rust prevention is always a high priority. When I first had the saw, I simply used WD-40, but found out quickly that didn't work very well. I didn't touch the saw for a couple of months, and I noticed these somewhat circular mottled areas where it looked like corrosion was just beginning. I caught it before it turned into full blown rust, thankfully, but now, those mottled spots are still there. And just going out to the shop today, I saw there was a hint of rust once again, showing up in these very same spots. I'm wondering if somehow these spots have become much more susceptible to rust, and also if there's a way I can redeem them, perhaps by treating the surface in some way.

    Thanks ahead of time!

    As an FYI, I'm currently using Boeshield to keep the rust away.

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    good evening.

    you don't mention how often you use your saw. when i was building cabinets i just kept mine waxed but i used it 5 hours out of 8 too. wax makes it easy to slide stuff across the table and i guess it protects *some*. i covered the saw with a tarp when i was not using it. whatever you cover it with needs to 'breathe'. plastic is a poor cocver because it holds moisture in.

    if you don't use it that often, there is lots of stuff you can get that sprays or wipes on. the problem with it is that you have to wipe it off.

    but, then i am lazy too.....

    i wish i could be more help.

    ........i dremel. therefore i am..........................


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      Once rust gets a start it tends to recurr no matter how much you may scour and cuss.

      Cover the saw in period of disuse with something tightly woven but breatheable. A small heat source under the saw (like a 100 watt 130 volt light) really helps too.


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        I scrub my saw table with WD40 using scotch brite, then wipe dry. Put on a coat of Johnson's paste wax, this does make work move better on the saw table.

        I then cover it with a piece of heavy cardboard. This seems to keep my table in good condition when not in use.


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          I just saw some products at Woodcraft that are supposed to help. One was basicly a spray on wax and the other was to help remove rust.


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            I use a product called "Top Coat". Clean your saw table well, spray on a light coating of Top Coat, let dry and buff lightly, reapeat. No rust and no friction.
            I use it on all my wood working machines. I have tried other stuff but none as good.
            Usual disclaimers.

            Paul G.
            Paul G.


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              Johnson's Paste Wax
              Weston Bye
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                I had a similar problem with my table saw. Woodworking is secondary for me so the saw went outside under a plastic tarp drenched in wd40 (mistake). Came back after a few months and the top was rusty. Anyway after cleaning did some research and the stuff to use is T-9 Bosehield. It is somewhat expensive so I went with LPS-3. It's been under the tarp for a year now with the LPS and no rust. JRouche


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                  i use whatever furniture polish i happen to be using on the current job- paste wax -carnuba-fiberglass mold release wax - bees wax ect

                  finish the job and and while i still have the cloth moist with wax go at the table saw or whatever is nearest.


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                    Carnuba wax is probably this, but I use "Bowling Alley" wax - paste wax. Not a brand so much as a "spec" product.

                    Man, put this on your table saw about three coats to start, then the occassional coat, and the dust slides right off, things move so well, and the boards just float on through......

                    Oh, stops rust too.
                    CCBW, MAH


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                      I use LPS 3 on my milling table after cleaning it from doing work. Then I wipe it off the next day when I start to work again.

                      The Johnson Wax thing is what I use on less used equipment. It does work well.



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                        I found a web site recently which had a comparison of several rust-preventive products. Try a search on "TopCote" or "Boeshield".

                        The Delta manual that came with my new Unisaw recommends TopCote.

                        Be careful with oil or waxes - some contain silicone, which can really screw up your finish.