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[OT] Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux, dual boot, HDD partitions, and virtual machines

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    Originally posted by PStechPaul View Post
    Odd thing happened today. I was using my Win10 laptop around noon, accessing Google maps and whatnot. I tried to print a map, but no printer drivers could be found. So I used my other Dell Win8 laptop to do that. Then I closed the lids on both machines and I took the Dell with me but didn't need to use it.

    When I got back home, I tried to use Firefox, and it could not connect. I checked the available WiFi connections, and found only two, none of which are mine, and then they disappeared, reporting no connections available. But my Android device connected normally, and when I rebooted in Ubuntu, this same machine is working just fine! Any idea what might be going on?


    I changed the windscreen wipers on my car and the next day I won a.$2 scratchie...

    There are plenty of windows help forums. Sorry, but i just refuse to try and fix what's inherently broken,
    CorrelatIon and faults are rarely connected in windows. Just as well that they tell you 0x11 11101010000011010101.