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Metalworking Project Ideas for Kids

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  • Metalworking Project Ideas for Kids

    I'm trying to come up with a metalworking project for a group of 8-9 year old Webelos. Has to be done with hand tools only. Any ideas?


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    Mobiles from coat hanger wire, sanded, polished and painted with clear coat.

    Use aluminum from pie plates or TV dinner type trays to make L girders to build a simple model bridge or fire spotting tower. Cut with scissors, bend over a ruler, fasten with aluminum body repair tape.

    Using both coat hanger material and pie plate aluminum make an accurate balance type scale complete with a selection of weights. Use pennies to calibrate. A penny weighs 2.5 grams, a nickel weighs 5 grams.
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      this site has all kinds of cool projects.


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        I like windchimes from copper pipe.Readily available and cheap.Maybe pierced tin can candle lanterns.I must have been about that age when my dad taught me to "sweat pipe".I skill I still use often,plus a fond memory.Spud guns WOULD NOT be a good idea!

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          The coke can airplane mobiles are made with scissors. Neato looking.

          Sorry No plans.

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            "...fasten with aluminum body repair tape."

            What is that? Are you talking about that stuf you yanks use to cover rust holes?

            I don't think I'd give them scissors and sheet metal (cans, pie tins, etc.). You might as well give them a box of razor blades to play with. The wind chime idea sounds good. Use a pipe cutter to make different lengths. (No hacksaw)

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              Check with your District Council for age appropiate projects. Does the Webolo handbook have any suggestions?


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                You can make simple molds out of 1/8" thick aluminum stock. The original idea is for injection molds, but the idea can be adapted to making candy molds. Take about a 3" square 1/8" thick piece of aluminum plate. Trace your favorite cartoon character or other image in the center. Use hand drills, coping saws or jewlers saws, and needle files to cut and smooth out the character. Wash thoroughly, rubber band another piece of aluminum to the blank with the cut out. Heat chocolate chunks in the microwave, or a double boiler. Poor chocolate into the molds. Fairly simple project kids should be able to handle it, and you can eat your end product, what more can you ask for?
                Good Luck!


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                  Thanks everybody,

                  I kind of like the wind chime idea too. With pipe cutters they shouldn't have too many injuries. Unfortunately, most of the really fun projects are too dangerous for a bunch of kids, or at least their mothers think so.

                  I like the rail gun project at too. Nothing more interesting to boys than guns. (and we never outgrow it, do we?) Unfortunately the magnets required for the rail gun are too expensive for me to buy for 12 kids.

                  Thanks again


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                    I think you should experiment with some pie plate aluminum. It's not as bad as cans and doesn't cut so easy. Cripes, keep a couple of bandaids on hand. If it keeps on going like this you will have to make everything from playdough. No matter what metal you use there is a risk of minor cuts from burrs etc.
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                      I agree w/Evan. What're a few cuts? Kids love bandaids anyway!
                      And also, they're never too young to start learning about safety.
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                        Wind chimes. Copper pipes cut to different lengths and sanded smooth, hole drilled for some 20# test fishing line on top.

                        The top end made of a 4" piece of copper plate or aluminum plate cut in a circle, for fastening the chimes to, and running the center string through. The "chime Hammer" made from a piece of maple wood, 2" diameter, and on the end of the "chime hammer" string, a piece of "flagging" to catch the wind made of 3" wide x 4" long (cut in shapes for appearance) copper sheet.

                        I did this with a group of youngsters, ages 9-12 three years back, my daughter was in the group. May still have the plan around, but if not, could sketch and send via e-mail.

                        CCBW, MAH


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                          Similar to windchimes, you can turn conduit into a musical instrument. Not a great musical instrument, but a cheap one.