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  • OT: Priority's?

    After the recent thread on spelling and grammer and how some(all actually) of us don't always get it right.I was wondering,what would be the greatist priority if you had to choose.

    #1 Making sure that part you just made is perfect so it doesn't fail and kill somebody?

    Or #2 Making sure that the topic or reply you just posted on this or another BBS is absolutly perfect in is composition?Kind of obvious isn't it?

    I for one focus all my attention on making sure that everything I machine,weld or rebuild is perfect because somebody could die if I don't.

    This is not to say that grammer and spelling are not important,because both are.I have never had a customer commercial,military or private complain about my writing or grammer,nor have they complained about anything other than price.I have seen expertly written memo's and e-mails that achieved nothing,only to be followed by an angry direct to the point conversation over the phone or in person that got things moving.

    The part I find interesting,is that those who refered to me as being a hypocrite made spelling and grammer mistakes themselves.Sure they caught mine,but missed theirs.Kinda hypocritical isn't it?
    So,what are your priority's? Split hair tolerence?

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      1: Yep, yep, yep...

      2: Nope, nope, nope...

      Will all further respondents to this thread please just post a "1" or a "2"

      Not picking on you Wierd but I think it was beat fairly to death.
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        Striving to do your best while machining is always rewarding. I however never had to make a part for some one else who's life depended upon it. I have done work for myself. The first time I shot my fal after barreling and headspacing it myself was a little scary. So was the moment I figured out the headspacing became out of whack While shooting it!

        As for writing in general, I have this problem typing papers for Class. I have a hell of a time writing long papers. I am always SHort and to the point. I don't like to bull****. I do not like the long winded elitist type where you have to get a dictionary to look up words you may only see once every few years. Perhaps some of you may have noticed the majority of my posts are short and to the point?

        As for Grammar, AS long as your not grossly incompetent, like showing a 1st grade level of proficiency, it is fine.
        Such as "i wood like to buy a bote like 6teen feet" I can't even emulate it..

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          "I never though had to make a part for some one else who's life depended upon it"

          Maybe not make a part, but have you ever done a brake job? Same thing. I have done many a job and made many a part (aircraft) where lives depend on my work.
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            But shouldn't everything I produce be given equal care, whether it be turned, welded or typed?


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              Your parts qoute stirs a memory. I remember one job coming in that my boss at the time showed me - it was for an F-14 if I remember correctly.. Anyway it had this big box on the print with a bunch of engineering warnings about how the part would be 100%inspected on all dimensions and had to meet this standard and that standard and there would be all kinds of failures if the part wasn't perfect. all of the tolerances had at least 3 zeros in them. My boss wanted to know what I thought: "Uh,. the plane falls out of the sky if we screw up?" He agreed and we passed on the job. It just wasn't worth it for what Litton/Airtron was willing to pay. The reason they tried to pass it off to us was they didn't want to touch it either!

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                Funny how it works sometimes. I was always a good speller, but in typing I make many mistakes, same ones usually. I don't like seeing words misspelled, so I edit before posting. Not that it's a big deal, and I don't care if someone doesn't get it right, I read and understand it anyway. The funniest thing though is the 'japanese english', which is now 'chinese english'. Read the instruction manual for an offshore machine. I can't find it now, but the one that came with the sheet metal machine was hilarious.
                I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                  Thats kind of what I was getting at.We can't be all things to all people,politicians try,but never achieve.So I pick the thing that matters most and strive to be flawless in that area.I mean I have never had a csutomer say"xxxxx worked perfectly.but your grammer and composition suck,so were going with your compition" it just hasn't happened.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Just get on and do it.
                    Most people won't work that close to the drawings anyway, they will modify to suit what they need or what they have as stock.

                    If I was to post a drawing of a part with 2BA threads in would you all go out and locate 2BA threads?
                    No you would use the nearest to size you had.
                    In IBEW's case he'd weld it anyway [ just kidding mate - at least you actually do something ]

                    Sod the grammar, it's all about learning and sharing anyway.
                    When I clamp a part up in the vise this morning does the vise/vice know that it can be spelt two ways ?

                    And yes Evan I am part of the vise squad - I have about 12 of the buggers.

                    Here's an example :-

                    Chuck 1" bar in 3J,face end, centre drill, drill 1/2 deep with 1/2" drill, part off to 1/4" long, deburr.

                    Grammatically incorrect but technically correct to make a washer. Not no speeds, feeds etc are mentioned as not everyone has the same machine.

                    99% of the readers on this board can follow that description but it's not correct.
                    Go work it out for yourselves - lifes too short for me.

                    John S.

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                        I've noticed as I've got older that my spelling has got worse.It didn't used to be a problem but now I'm very often not sure if some words have double letters in.

                        e.g.... fullfil ...fulfill....fulfil.....I'm pretty sure the last one's wrong,the other two I don't know.

                        I don't make parts that could fail and kill someone,I don't even work to tolerances,it's usually making one part fit another.

                        One thing about being retired is that I don't "have" to do anything, so some days I don't.



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                          I try my best at spelling and grammar, but make mistakes. Perhaps more now that I "just post" on a page. In life, I tend to write all my notes out longhand. I took drafting and did drafting for many years, so my handwriting is of excellant quality, and when writing, I tend to think it out more, and am more careful as I put pen to paper. I also consider hand writing out items a "lost art", thus my particular attempts at perfection.

                          When typing documents for public perview for my "city job" and for my teaching job, I triple check, and when I get the chance, let them "sit" for 24 hours, then re-check again. This allows me to "get away", and to return with a better "full picture" of the document.

                          As noted, keyboards are not my friend. I have some issues with my hands that get bad on occassion, so some nights I choose not to "post", as it is just enough to do the work on the computer I have to do as it is.

                          Final note: I always figured I am "among friends" here. A place to "just talk", and express ideas. If I wanted a place to go to be graded on writing and spelling, I am already paying for this in my masters degree classes, so why bother to come here. But alas, I come to meet friends and for the excellant chances for meaningful discourse.

                          I have expressed my hand issue a few times, and am grateful for the support many have given me by not hammering me on my mis-types.

                          As for making parts that people's lives depend on, I know many a person who does this, and can't write what they did. They do quite well, and I would have them make / do things for me in an instant (they can read).

                          Yes, I do things peoples lives depend upon as well, such as repairs, making items, and teaching machining and machine safety.
                          CCBW, MAH


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                            Weird. The wonderful thing about what wwe do, is that none of us need to even speek the same language in order to communicate. If I have a blueprint in front of me I can pretty much figure out what it is you want.


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