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  • Clausing mill

    This is about the size I would like, but only a MT#2 taper, isn't that a bit undersize?
    Opinions needed.

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    I'd love that mill, but I would like R8 taper. My micro mill is mt2 taper. Mt2 is ok, just seams r8 has much more tooling.


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      For the size of the machine, #2 Morse is reasonable. And it looks to be in great shape. You can get collets, you can get a drill chuck with a 1/2" straight shank to put in a collet, you can get a boring head with a #2 Morse shank; what else do you need?
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        If I lived 3,000 miles closer to the seller, I would definitely bid on it as it would suit my needs perfectly.


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          I have one of these, and think it's a great machine, esp. for those of us who don't have room for a Bridgeport. If you really want R-8 (and yeah there's a lot more used tooling around cheap + larger diameter), look for a Rockwell vertical. About the same size, but even harder to find.

          There is a yahoo group for Clausing mill & lathes.

          The one on ebay has been fixed up some, handles are not original & micrometer dials are missing.



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            I have no difficulty in finding a Rockwell vertical. All I have to do is go to the basement/garage, stand in front of, and look to the left of the Bridgeport.

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              Thanks guys.
              My mini-mill is a #3 MT, so hesitant to go.
              Didn't notice dial problem.
              I have quite a bit of tooling in #3, so reluctant to start over.
              O the other site, was mentioned a BP *M* head would fit. (whatever that is)

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                PSD Ken,
                If you are intersted, look here for Bridgeport "M" head info. I beleive they, ("M" heads) were phased out of production in the 1960's.


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                  2MT is fine for the size of mill, but you'll need to use a drawbar to hold the tapers in place if you're milling - the side loads and downward pull from spiral flute endmills will tend to walk endmill holders out of the taper, resulting in a sudden (and probably unwanted)increase in depth of cut.

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                  All of the gear, no idea...


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                    You don't want a Bridgeport M head if you really want a R8 or 3M spindle - they were only made with 2M, 7B&S, or B3 tapers.