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BC Ames Triplex Lathe Anyone ever use one

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    Originally posted by bl00 View Post
    I ended up buying the one in Virginia from the Vintage Machinery ad. The mill table wasn't stashed away anywhere, so I'll be making one. If anyone still has a Triplex in their possession I could use some measurements in order to make casting molds. I tried talking my self out of going to look at it, but eventually the important part of my brain won out and off I went. Hopefully it will get functionally restored and earn it's keep or maybe just sit there and look pretty. Either way I'm OK with it.

    Here's a pic after a bit of dirt removal. Also, it was interesting to see that in the patent application there were two other versions.

    capture screen
    Congrats b100 that is a cool machine,I talked to the seller about that machine and reluctantly chose not to buy it on the freight alone Virgina is a long way from Alberta.Where are you located,those patent drawing are cool,keep us posted on the refurbish.It's good to see it won't be turned into razor blades!
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      Thanks. I'm in Virginia, so it was only a 2 1/2 hour drive for me.