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    Let's start over. Was experimenting with posting photos and didn't realize this single photo with no explanation was posted.
    Here is the rest of the story.
    The mod is for one specific use. I understand that using it for something else could dangerous.
    I use a Veritas sharpening guide for plane irons and chisels. Works great for final sharpening.
    But of course I routinely need to grind away excess behind the cutting edge quickly so I'm not wasting time.
    With this round bar adjusted to the correct height a cutting tool clamped in the Veritas can be ground neatly
    with the wheel, and potential heat, staying away from the edge.

    Photo of holding chisel to wheel shows my hand way out on the end because of holding camera back far enough.
    In use I have both hands up close with good control.

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    I'd think a round would have a tendency to want to pull in and wedge parts in between the wheel and the support.


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      Deleted. Comments no longer relevant. Looks good for it's intended purpose.
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        Yeah, I am going to pile on too. I've never seen a mod like that. That is for the very good reason enumerated by the answers above.


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          I don't have any issues with your rest. Any free hand rest has risks involved with it. The gap is actually large enough to prevent jamming in all but the unluckiest of moments. Plus the way he has the tool clamped and braced coupled with the actual angle and height of the tool to the wheel face makes and slippage virtually impossible. And any rest, no matter the shape, can grab a work piece and shatter a wheel.

          Free hand grinding has risks, if it scares you don't do it.
          If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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            I was going to say the same - it's kinda freehanding but with a guide, plus the edge being ground is waaaaaay high up the wheel and the rest is waaaay down the wheel. For other purposes, sure, that's a little sketchy, but for using that chisel holder it looks like a really nice way to controllably get the grind you want.


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              I see no problem with the setup. I've used similar setups on my 10" grinder for decades. The key here and with other grinding operations I've done is the back of the chisel blade is nearly tangent to the grinding wheel producing a hollow grind. So the fear of the grinding wheel grabbing the chisel is for the most part unwarranted. After all, generally only light pressure is applied to the chisel during the sharpening process. Off hand grinding is dangerous but this setup has a robust solid rod for a rest and the chisel is clamped in a holder. Just my two cents.
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                As above there is no issue if the angles are correct. It's how chisels are ground on my 10 inch grinder also...


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                  OK, clearly the first three or four responses didn't see the extra pictures that you edited in after their early replies. Given the full set of pictures and SPECIFIC use for this round pin rest I doubt anyone will have any issues with the mod.

                  As a woodworker that played around with his own grinder trying to achieve much the same thing I think it's bloody wonderful. Chisels used with the guide as a positioning key are simply not going to be an issue.

                  Now here's a thought... To allow it to be used for more general grinding on small tool steel parts how about a plate with a clamp on the bottom side which will slide on and clamp hard to the round bar? Just slip it off to use for the chisels and back on for other tool grinding.

                  I was well along on my own similar solution for grinding chisels and turning gouges and even moving towards gathering the stuff to make a fine and coarse wet grinder that would accept the same jigs. I was even looking for a suitable geared motor. I'd also just cleared the mortgage on the house at around that time and went to a local woodworking expo.... The Tormek guy was there and I didn't have mortgage payments any longer so....
                  Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                    Seems a great idea, especially if you have a number of old chisels to restore. Does the geometry work such that the position of the veritas for the wheel grind is right for the touch up on the diamond? If not I guess the position of the bar could be adjusted so that it would work.