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The worth of time and the cost to renting things.

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  • The worth of time and the cost to renting things.

    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I love my chery picker</font>
    I'd recommend an engine hoist crane rather than any device used for picking cherries, which are not very heavy.

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    The worth of time and the cost to renting things.

    My surface grinder came a couple days ago. The base is like 40 - 50 pounds, the machine head is like 550 pounds. So I need to lift the head onto the base. I was going to build an A Frame and buy a chain hoist, except I don't have the space to store such a device. So I called around for an engine hoist and the really big ones are really big. But NationsRent has a collapsable one for $28.00 a day, so I could borrow my brothers SUV and pick it up and have it back the next morning. What I need is 10 to 20 minutes worth of the hoist time and the rest is getting it there and back.

    Is this how many of you do this sort of thing?

    Some day I will have the space, but not today.



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      I have the storage room and I bought an engine hoist with folding legs which comes in handy for all kinds of things. It is a hassle to rent them and if you get one on sale it is the same as renting a couple of times. It only takes up about 3 foot by 2 foot if you remove the folding legs. And it also usually takes more time to pick up and drop off the rental than the actual time you use the item. You can even take them apart and store in a shed or basement. The other option is getting together with one or more people and buying one to store at a mutually agreed house that has the storage. Overall a good investment in the long run.



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        I would strongly recommend buying any lift equipment you need. Engine cranes can be disassembled and stored under your car in the garage if space is extremely tight.

        Considering how rental equipment is used and how little maintainance it receives, I consider owning your equipment cheap insurance against equipment failure.

        As it has already been mentioned, the convenience factor is significant.


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          I took my M/D aprt to get it off the truck and set it up on it's stand.

          Rent the lift. Your back will thank you.


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            I love my chery picker. I bought it (used) for less than what the rental would have been. I have used it many time since. It has paid for itself several times over.


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              Next time I get it out and assembled I'll post some pics,but I made an A-frame out of 2x2" reciever tubes and square tubing,its 9' wide between the legs and 10' tall under a 1ton chain hoist hook,It has no problems lifting even a bridge port mill up high enough to back a pickup or trailer underneath,best part it all comes apart down to five 50lb pieces,plus if I need shorter or longer legs I just get some different length tubing.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Wierdscience, I am looking forward to pictures of your crane /aframe. I want one myself but I am not much of a designer so I am hopeing to copy yours.


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                  I have a friend who has a rule for borrowing things that may apply to renting. If you borrow it three times or anticipate borrowing the tool three times, you should go buy one. He and I swap tools and labor all the time and it has been helpful to both of us. I also have a rule when I enlist the help of friends to move things. I of course try to be safe and rent or borrow the proper equipment, but I tell them if something starts to fall, just get the hell out of the way and let it hit the floor. I'd rather my friends not get hurt and replace my broken machine than to pay for a broken limb or worse at the hospital. No harm no foul if something breaks afterall I asked them to help. So far no accidents no broken body parts or machines.

                  By the way Jerry, have you calculated the time you'd have to wait in the Emergency room or Dr's office should you hurt yourself trying to mussle the thing around? Rent the thing if you can't afford the storage and build it if you can.

                  I'd be happy to store the surface grinder for you so you can make room for the crain, oh yea, that kinda defeats the purpose.


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                    FWIW, I suppose a person could combine a lift and a press into one machine, and save some floor space that way.
                    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                      I am rewnting one for this project, as far putting it under the car, the car sits in the driveway, my metal shop and hot shop occupies all of my 2 1/2 car agarage. The smaller stuff is in the basement.

                      If I need to move something again, I will buy one and break it down when not in use.

                      I do not plan on the ER or the doctors office. Thats why I am renting the hoist.

                      Most of the time, I don't need a pickup, but sometimes I do. Normally I have everything picked up and delivered, doing it all yourself can cause many trips to the doctors office or the ER.