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Changing rotation on 1 ph motor

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  • Changing rotation on 1 ph motor

    Help. How can I tell if a the rotation of a 1 ph. motor can be reversed. I'm planning to use a 3/4 hp, 110/220 as a pony to start my RPC. Rather than using a v belt, I want to rig the motors so the pony can be lifted with a lever and use rubber contact wheels on the pony and on the RPC. To do this, I'd need to reverse the rotation on the pony. Otherwise I'll have to place the motors with the shafts facing, which would be OK, but.


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    Open the connection box up..

    if you see a internal blue and also a black wire.. or a #5 and a #8 yes.. by swapping the connections you can reverse.

    We have been through this.. check the recent posts..

    Post a picture..

    ALSO... 3ph generator pony idle motors will run either way won't they? just kick start them in that direction..

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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      Unless you have a honking big 3 phase motor I use a 1/4hp for starting mine. I agree, the idler should run either way. John


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        Some motors can't be reversed unless you remove the armature and reverse to opposite end of stater by removing both end caps and switching.