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Webb Series 3 vr Bridgeport

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  • Webb Series 3 vr Bridgeport

    Can anyone comment on the physical size of a Bridgeport series 1 compared to a Webb Series 3 mill? I found one for sale but I am trying to keep the use of space to a minimum so don't want something huge like the Bridgeport series 2 is. I see the Webb is like 1000# heavier so I am guess it is a lot bigger.

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    The Webb is a nice machine, and is comparable in size to the series 2. If you have a line on a decent Webb I would seriously consider making the space for it. It's not tremendously larger than a standard B-Port, but it's substantially more rugged. Physical mass is an important part of machine accuracy. Armchair quarter-backing here, but if it were mine I would go for the larger mill and then trade down if it does turn out to be too much of a real estate hog.


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      So is one worth 5,100? He started as $6,200 which seemed a little high. It has servos on all three axis and DRO on X and Y. Also a power draw bar and mister. Looks very clean, it is a 1993 model


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        Prices vary depending on location. Some areas of the country can be described as a machine tool desert, with junk commanding top dollar. Around these parts a clean late model Webb could fetch all of that price. Sometimes you will see the smaller machines priced at a premium because of the people in your situation that desire the smaller units, like the series I Bridgeport. Just an opinion here, but if that Webb is as clean all over as you describe, with all components and accessories fully functioning, then I personally would be all over that deal like a well tailored suit.