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End of metals era in West London

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  • End of metals era in West London

    Fays metals in Acton is closing down in a week or so. Bob and Dave are both retiring, and they haven't found anyone who wants to take the business on.

    Their prices will drop over the next few days, and I think they might be open to offers. Apart from the racked long and sheet stock, they have a rack for larger offcuts, and some shelves for smaller offcuts.

    I was given the nod to help myself from the shelves, and this lot has been sitting in the back of my car all week while I find somewhere to put it all. From left to right, stainless, brass, ally and mixed bright and black steel.

    I intend to sneak back and hover near the rack of larger offcuts with a couple of bottles of wine as retirement presents sometime soon. I should also take some photos to preserve a little history. I'm sad - for twenty years they've let me rummage around for what I want. They were fairly old-school though - not too easy to pin them down on what you were getting, other than adjectives like free-cutting or black - but I always seemed to get what I needed.
    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.

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    That is really sad news, Richard! We rely on little guys to keep us going and yet we MEs don't seem to provide enough patronage to keep them afloat. And so on....

    1973 SB 10K .
    BenchMaster mill.


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      I count myself super lucky that a local fab shop is open for small purchase amounts from me and other local metal hobbyists. A couple of years back I took in some pictures of my shop showing the sheet metal tops on my island bench and grinder shelf and the back shield behind the lathe that I had made at the place. And a couple of pictures of things I'd made from offcuts I'd bought from them. Hopefully it made the owners smile and feel like they were helping us hobbyists. Otherwise it would be rough.....

      By all means take the wine to them. But I'd strongly suggest you do it for the thanks they are owed. And if they let you run amok in the offcut shelves consider that a nice bonus. Companies like that and the folks that run them are truly special to "us".
      Chilliwack BC, Canada