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2 year old grand daughters favorite videos

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  • 2 year old grand daughters favorite videos

    Talking animals? Nah
    Barbie? Nope
    Nursery rhymes? Guess again

    And similar


    A few weeks ago someone posted a link to a video of some heavy forging - making a generator shaft or something like that.

    I was watching it one evening, when she was staying the night
    She crawled next to me and started watching - absolutely mesmerized
    I started narrating it. Pointed to the glowing ingot, said that it was very very hot. ”Hot! Hot! Hot!”

    She was staying over with us last night. I came home from work & she came running over to me, pointed to my cellphone and started saying “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

    I’ve created a monster!


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    Originally posted by fjk View Post
    I’ve created a monster!
    The linked video looks like an unauthorised re-upload of excerpts from "Die Sendung mir der Maus",

    which is a German public TV educational programme for kids, and very popular. No wonder that the little one likes it. In fact, I like "Die Maus" myself - the "how does it work / how it's made" features are often fascinating!

    You and the monster might be able to find more of Die Maus - dubbed into English - if you look for "Mouse TV".