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Anybody consider one of these spindles for a DIY mill build?

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  • Anybody consider one of these spindles for a DIY mill build?

    I picked up a little Taig servo drive CNC on a lark this week. Just wanted something that's easy to hook up and play with it (i.e. 110V power requirement).
    But of course it's never enough is it? Well I have a nice X-Y milling table thing that is useless other than it would be perfect for a small but heavy-duty mini mill, so I've decided to use it for yet another CNC build. With this in mind, I have been looking into suitable spindles rather than building one myself. Yeah, I know a spindle is not necessarily a difficult project, but just at the early considering stages anyway so we'll see.
    I never saw these before but today I notice that these cute little import spindles are apparently a thing now - there are many listings for them.

    Anybody have experience and/or thoughts on this spindle?
    I like that it's BT30. I might possibly just make my own if I want to try to incorporate ATC, but of course that's a whole project-and-a-half in itself, so...

    Here's a link example(s) (which will expire and be a dead-end at some point, but meh...):

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    $250 for a complete spindle ready-to-go doesn't seem too bad. But keep in mind it doesn't have a quill, so you'll have to build a structure to either raise and lower the X/Y table or the head and motor assembly.

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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      Yeah, should have been clearer that my intent is making a CNC mill.


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        Yeah, I looked a those, saw them in ER collets of various sizes.
        I was gonna get a ER32 size and mount it on a small horizontal mill like a Sheldon, mount it on the overarm as a vertical head adapter.


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          I asked this same question about a month ago, and got answers both in public and PM. Apparently these things are notorious for problems with variable manufacturing standards and runout. Some are good, others are bad. After looking around some more I found what I feel is a better solution.

          It's about twice as expensive, but the Tormach QC should help make sure it won't rattle around like a spoon in a bowl upon unboxing.


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            I have decided that I can make an ATC BT30 spindle which would be pretty cool anyway. It will be free (plus labor) except for the bearings, and since it's not a Hardinge or the like, I'm not too worried about super-expensive precision so will prolly get by with less than $100 in bearings maybe. Just need good ones, not top-shelf ones.


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              Well, that's still an option in my build, so I'll be interested in following your progress.

              Are you going to do a build log, or set of build videos? I'd love to follow your progress. How about sharing ideas? Send me a notice if you are interested in doing some thought-swapping.


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                Originally posted by Dan_the_Chemist View Post
                Are you going to do a build log, or set of build videos? I'd love to follow your progress. How about sharing ideas? Send me a notice if you are interested in doing some thought-swapping.
                Sounds good.
                I have a solid idea on the spindle design, but not quite sure on a couple facets of that and not at all sure about the air actuation of the gripper. And of course life keeps happening on top of the book full of to-do list so I honestly don't know where I'm gonna shoehorn the time to start into it yet.
                But if/when I do dive into the spindle I plan to make drawings and pictures available. I've been frustrated for years that there isn't much info accessible (especially technical specs) on DIY tool changer stuff. It would be cool if there was at least one "someplace" that a guy could get and basically follow a recipe to get something going.
                It would be great to bounce ideas around.

                Just please don't anybody don't hold your breath. I might start on it this month, but could just as likely be two years away based on my history, unfortunately. Apologies.
                Whatcha expect fer nuthin'... rubber biscuit?

                edit to add: There's a sliver of optimism in that I did just order some good beefy linear rails and bearings for a Z-axis this weekend (I already have some good X/Y stuff). I tend to be better at buying stuff than finishing stuff so there's that. But still, I've taken a couple baby steps at least.
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                  Well I don't know whether I've finally done enough of these that I'm finally lernin' sumthin' or I just got lucky (for once) but I troubleshooted the little Taig CNC and it's moving predictably on the little Globe servo motors - except for one which, after some troubleshooting, I've determined has a faulty encoder, which is on order as of a minute ago.
                  At first I was hitting a brick wall and a bunch of nothing was happening, then things in my head started to click and I ended up getting enough of a configuration on EMC for it to act about like it's supposed to. Very cool. I have to say that I do likie-like the servo thing. It's really fast and very smooth and quiet compared to steppers. I think I've converted religions.
                  It's a pretty neat for a toy CNC mill and I'm looking forward to being able to play with it a bit while I'm working on the bigger small one. Might be able to machine some parts on the Taig for the build!