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    A couple of projects I've set myself meant that I needed to dive back into photography. After upgrading some of my kit, I joined a forum called NikonGear, primarily to get some background on some of the problems I found myself facing.

    This time, I got a little carried away with my 'new joiner' post, and I thought three things. One, that I liked what I wrote, so naturally (?) I wanted some of you lot to read it. Second, I thought that it's a shame that personal histories were hidden away in that nervous tentative post we make when we first join a forum. It's possible I felt more open to expose myself in a forum that represented a hobby I have had since I was about twelve years old.

    Third, I thought if I put foward a decent enough case, a few of you might feel inspired to write a few words about yourselves in a similar vein. I found it sort of cathartic once I'd done it. Oh, and several of the problems I referred to above will only be solved by some machining, whether it's making bits for microscopes, or upgrading lenses or tripods.

    Anyway, here's what I wrote for my new joiner post on NikonGear :---

    Hi all. I find myself thrown back into photography after ten or so years being busy with other pursuits. After starting with B/W in the early sixties, I was a techie - moving from one of the earliest auto cameras - a Konica - to Nikon when the F501 came out. I ended up with the powerful and fast D1h and a pile of older lenses.

    Recently I needed to do some photomicroscopy and some sports photography, so I dived in by getting hold of a Df, which seemed to be the best fit for all my old lenses. Needless to say, I now have a big list of related minor hurdles I need to overcome, and so I'm here.

    I have a varied list of skills, from translating to sports coaching, from machining to coding, and at my relatively advance age I feel I'm in a hurry to complete projects, while watching my todo list grow daily.

    I definitely fall into the 'Grumpy old man' category, and I deplore what I regard as the dreadful state of modern software, though I do accept that the problem is probably more me than it (IT ?). I find that forums keep me sane, and remind me that there are others out there (you lot among them ?) as crazy as myself !

    One of my recent resolves is to spend more time playing real games like this, and let others fix my house and my vehicles. Since I can't take any of it with me, another is to spend more of my limited pension on my hobbies and pursuits, and leave my daughters less in the pot when I kick it.

    Oh, and my third resolve is to ride my bikes slower !
    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.

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    If I were to start one of those I'm afraid it end up a book. :-) Been into so many hobbies and four jobs plus the volunteer one (still but just barely) at the high school metal shop that it'd take at least may pages. :-)