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Neat little antique mini mill on ebay

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  • Neat little antique mini mill on ebay

    I don't normally post this stuff but I saw this while looking through ebay for a nice palmgren xy table.

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    Yeah, I'd like to have that myself.. thou I don't know what I'd do to justify it..

    Pretty neat. I enjoyed windowshopping.

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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      210 viewers, 0 bids.

      Everybody wants to look but nobody wants it.

      I feel his pain.

      Paul A.
      Paul A.

      Make it fit.
      You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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        Better pictures would help. I really can't figure out what it is.

        Looks like a hand miller, but it is missing several parts.
        Jim H.


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          I think paying $150 for the 1/4 motor scares a lot of people away.


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            The missing parts seem to be lever action things. The vertical lokks like it had lever action, but the left-right horizontal looks like it has a screw. The front-rear movement has a screw. Too bad the pics are so bad, and don't include the right end of the table, nor the top of the quill assembly.

            It seems to be set up as a small precision drill. Lever action on the quill assembly, probably screw on table.

            The vise doesn't seem to be welded down, but the round plate under it is welded to the degree circle. There must have been a rotatable stage on that originally.

            In original condition it might have been an interesting item. Looks now as if someone decided that old obsolete thing was just right for a one-time use setup, and welded it up.

            Keep eye on ball.
            Hashim Khan