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Power Feed issues SERVO M 2500

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  • Power Feed issues SERVO M 2500

    My Rockwell Vertical Mill came with a Servo power feed M 2500. Works fine right to left brass gear skips left to right. All without load. Been running it one direction only, no obvious damage to,the gear, planning to sort it out.

    Have a manual thats not very clear, complicated by not being able to see what engages the gear without taking it apart. Reference in the manual to back lash adjustment and setting with spacers. Have some photos as mounted on the mill but can’t seem to get them to load in my album. They don’t show much anyway.

    Before I get too far into taking it apart, anybody have experence with this model ?


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    No experience, but that sounds like there is backlash that is letting the driven gear push itself away from the driving gear. Same would apply if it uses bevel gears or worm gears. I had that problem in a small cheap rotary table. Shims should be the answer.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

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      I bet you probably just need to take some existing shims out, or put additional shims in -- whichever provides additional gear meshing.


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        Got underneath and looked at it good. This unit labeled with a California address. Servo is in Florida now, schematic I have is for a newer unit, that looks very much like mine.

        The ring gear raises into position just like it should probably magnetic clutch actuated. Pinion gear is fixed and in full vertical alignment either direction, but it skips one way not the other. Shims control the vertical alignment not how the Pinion meshes

        Looks to me the Pinion gears teeth or the shaft could be worn. Can’t see any other explanation . I doused it with WD 40 and blew with air. It’s clean .

        Going to call Servo Monday tell them what I have & see if I can replace both the Ring and Pinion gear. It’s a nice unit worth spending some money on.

        Unless you guys have another idea.



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          If you're looking at the bottom, that's not where the shims are located. The shims being referred to are behind the crank handle and scale dial. The shims move the driven gear (keyed to the shaft) to or away from the pinion drive gear.


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            That’s a good tip, will pull the crank handle and dial off tomorrow and have a good look.