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  • Pro Point experience.

    Wondering if any Canadians have experienced - good or bad - Princess Auto's "best" line of equipment: Pro Point? This is plugged as "pro-grade" and is sold at a premium over the standard house brand: Power Fist. Granted, there are many Pro Point quality-level tools that do not have an equivalent tool (function, not quality level). Interested in welding/plasma cutting machines. Their prices for Pro Point gear is certainly more expensive than than the basic eBay/Amazon intro level equipment. What I am wondering is if it is worth the extra cost: eg., better component & build quality? I figure a bricks & mortar site and a warranty (no sale is final until you are satisfied) is better (?) than chasing an internet phantom. Has anyone actually looked inside this equipment and been satisfied with a premium (compared to their Power Fist) product? Have you had any warranty experience? Are repair parts available?

    For non-Canadians, Princess Auto is Canada's Harbor ("Horror") Freight. Last little while though I have noticed that inventory is increasingly directed to national name-brand stuff. And, I expect, like its American counterpart, every so often there is a gem.

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    I have a few of PA's Propoint tools and have found them a notch or two above their standard offerings.These are their mechanics tools though, not the welders, and we all know that each line of tool type will come from a different vendor. My experience has been positive with the Pro-point tools so far and I assume that we are both expecting that PA has raised the bar for anything that carries the Propoint banner as it is their premium line.

    How they do with this relatively new line is largely dependent on how well it is received by the public and how much effort PA and their suppliers put into the quality level and support for those products. They have always been good in the past with any issues I've had in supporting their warranties.

    Not having any experience with their welding products I think it would be wise to ask a few questions locally in regards to not only consumables availability but also what happens if a circuit board burns up when out of warranty, say 5 years down the road. Will it still be available and for how much?

    The Pro-point line of welding and plasma cutters aren't cheap so perhaps this is indicative of not only a higher level of quality but also a high level of support. Who knows this line of equipment could very well share the basic architecture and internals of some other better quality line differing only cosmetically meaning that parts should not be an issue down the road.
    As I'm sure that you're more than aware of this is not a small investment and the product does not yet have much of a history or track record. A lot of good reviews out there but most of the ones I've seen at least are from occasional users and those are relatively recent due to the fact the product just hasn't been available for all that long.

    Wish I could be of more help as I know it's a tough decision.
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      What Willy said.

      Regarding welders - if you are looking for a TIG - just buy the Powerfist one. It is the run of the mill Chinese one that is rebranded by several companies. In fact I think the Powerfist TIG welder has more features than the Pro Point one.

      Princess Auto is great if the stuff fails within warranty. Once you are out of warranty all bets are off. If you are concerned for long term serviceability I'd stick with name brand stuff like Hobart or Miller. And if you are really picky buy from a welding shop - not a retail store. There are many differences.

      I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Powerfist / Pro Point stuff for hobby work. Just make sure you use it a fair bit before the warranty runs out. If you aren't happy with it take it back and buy the Miller.


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        I buy the odd pro-point tools,I've been very happy with the 5"x3-1/2" Pro Point Swivel Head Bandsaw.I have had it for about 5 yrs and blades are the only thing I've replaced.Mounted it on a 4'x4' Mobile Base with steel rack and cabinets.After I bought it read reveiws on it and most were all negitive ,this one has been great and freind bought one the same time I did and has worked flawless for him also.


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          Originally posted by Dunc View Post
          . Last little while though I have noticed that inventory is increasingly directed to national name-brand stuff..
          I noticed this too but PR has usually had better quality Chinese crap then Horror Fright has. They might be benefiting from the demise of other stores that sold tools like Sears and are able to up their game some. They have always sold some high end tooling like compressors and hydraulic cylinders.
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            Overall I've found Propoint products disappointing. Premium import price and the value can either be slightly better, same or worse than the other store brands.

            For instance, they're lisintg a Propoint welding table for $300 right now w/o hold-owns. They are ALSO listing the SAME TABLE (different brand) AND come with holdd-own tools for sale price of $155. How is the table alone worth 2x as much...with less tooling?!? I head from a former Manager that the Propoint program was to created to generate 'more points' on the sale of an item i.e. higher margin. If there is any truth in that, then the only winner is the company, not the consumer.

            I've also seen PowerFist brand items disappear and reappear as high-priced ProPoint items - tends to lend some creedance to the theory above.