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    I was up at 5:00 this morning surfing e-bay and enjoying the sunrise. I was going to take a picture of the sunrise and post it, but the 10'diameter mesh satelite dish in my back yard obstructed the view. The previous owner of the house had this dish, and I guess they used it a lot, I don't. What I was wondering is, has anybody used these things for anything other than a Satelite dish? I know of one person that flipped the dish over and used it as a roof for a gazebo. I've thought of lining it with reflective milar and making a parabolic cooker, however this could be dangerous. I have no intention of using this thing again for what it was intended for, so it has three possibilities, convert to something else, Scrap metal, or give it to someone on this list. Yes I have the control box and cable. You haul it away and it is yours.

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    I like the mylar idea. You could run a Stirling with it to generate power.


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      Bet you could drain a lot of spegetti on that!
      If I got it right first time,everytime....I\'d have a real job!


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        Other than strip it for usable materials, leave by the curb.


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          I liked the ideal of using the sun to make ice.

          What is the focal length? 30" 48"

          I bought "that" ebay book only to learn they use a small refrigarator to make ice. I was quite mad. (remember we had a previous post)

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            I divided mine into halves and ny kids use it as backstops or goals for baseball etc.


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              Its illegal in some states to raise minks in them,so I quess thats out

              Maybe mount it to a skate board and use it for a sail

              Oh,perfect use,mount it suspended between two posts and use it like a big hammock.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                A gondola, so you can escape in your hot air balloon. or find another dish, wire them together and use it for one heck of a crab pot.



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                  Mount a shaker and go to the beach looking for nickles! Or look for blondes who don't quite understand what "burying up to their neck in sand" means.

                  If I got it right first time,everytime....I\'d have a real job!


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                    If your a ham, theres a lot you can do with it, one thing for example is using it as a high gain antenna, such for WiFi, or other communications. If you have a cable modem, and you have a friend that is a few miles away, with line of sight, could setup a wireless network, lol.


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                      If you are interested in astronomy it could be converted into a cheap radio telescope. But then if you were, you would already know that.

                      Or sell it to Evan.

                      Paul A.
                      Paul A.

                      Make it fit.
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                        I like the idea of lining it with reflective material and focusing it on a boiler chamber. Then you could run a steam engine to couple to a generator to generate
                        power. Extra power is always handy.
                        You don't have to run water into the boiler
                        unless you want to use it. Or just divert the steam to use for cooking or cleaning.
                        Just a thought.


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                          I have an eight foot and a four foot. Was thinking of turning the eight foot into a welder but we don't have enough sunny days for it to work reliably. Maybe use it for heat treating...
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                            Around here they're free for the takedown and hauling, since the small dish antennas showed up.....I picked up a 9 footer with the idea lining it with Al foil to power a sterling cycle motor.....Got some .010 foil, and now have to figure out how to stick it on good.....

                            Have a smaller (18" dia) parabolic running a sterling, so I'm interested seeing how much electric power one might get out of the larger one.....

                            It's project # 400 something, so who knows when I'll get to it.....

                            I'm sure I'm not the only one here with the dreaded "Too many irons in the fire disease".....



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                              Heck, just make the fire bigger to hold all those irons. Thats what I do Yeah, foil, stick it on with spray contact cement. Only thing that really bothers me is what happens to a bird that accidentally flies through the focal point? Lunch?
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