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enterprise 1550 lathe refurbish

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  • enterprise 1550 lathe refurbish

    Im refurbishing an old enterprise 1550 lathe. Does anyone know?
    1. where I can get the etched metal emblems that read "oil daily", etc...
    2. What they put on the casting- I stripped the paint down and it appears the casting was coated with a gray colored "bondo' type filler to smooth and shape it, it is chipped in a lot of places and id like to fix it.
    3. tips on dressing the ways.

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    1. but I was thinking Ganesh had a place in California. If not available from manuf. nnd labels are generic to another lathe on their current model, try them (Hardinge for example), or lastly, have originals duplicated at a trophy shop. Many trophy shots can laser etech 2 colored metal plates that looks as good or better than originals.

    2. Indian Bondo...use American Bondo !

    3. By "dressing" you mean frosting for looks, or actual proper scraping ?


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      Stumbed across Ganesh's US website today. They are in California indeed.