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Doug Kelley Titan Cooling System

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  • Doug Kelley Titan Cooling System

    Can anyone tell me where I can find out more about the cooling system used by Doug Kelley for his IHC Titan model engine (HMS March/April 2016 issue). I am looking for drawings or supplier for the cooling tower and circulation pump. Thanks.

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    As far as I know, Doug did not work up any drawings for the cooling tower.

    Doug uses the same type of pump on all of his engines. Details of its construction were included in his book, "Build the Snow," as well as covered in a 2008 article he wrote for "Model Engine Builder" magazine (I'm not sure of the exact issue).

    I'm currently working with Doug to bundle all of his engines into one book (including his Nash engine) and we plan to have the coolant pump included as well.

    You can order "Building the Snow" from Village Press at 800-447-7367. If you will be attending the NAMES show this coming weekend we'll have the books available at a discount.


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      Thank you George for your help with the coolant pump.

      I'm still looking for anything on Doug Kelley's cooling tower for anyone who might be able to help.