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PB is at it again, if you still have pics there

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    Maybe 'cos they don't get paid by all the hosting? Who ever goes to the PB site?


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      Given the way they've treated their users in the past and it seems currently as well, I, for one, will never give them money. I'll leave my images there to consume hard disk space and perhaps some bandwidth as well.


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        Originally posted by RB211 View Post
        I read the title to this thread, and amazed people still haven't learned their lesson.
        How "not learned"?

        I leave images there in order not to "break" prior posts that link them. Done. I'd not put anything more up on PB if they paid me.
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          Originally posted by elf View Post
          Why would you want to pay for a free service. PB made money by selling ads which were shown when someone viewed the images. Now they want to extort money from their users as well. One would be well advised to not pay extortioners.
          I don't actually begrudge them trying to make some profit. After all, they got to eat too. What really ticked me off was how they went from free to users after so many years over to that rather crazy $400 a year in one jump.

          If they had sent out some more warnings about a shift and a charge to normal public users like ourselves that they were moving to a small charge like $40'ish per year I'd have grumbled a little and just accepted it and been happy enough for the years of free use I'd gotten. After all, $40'ish is is barely enough to buy groceries for lunches for a week... never mind a year.

          But they decided to make their opening salvo nuclear tipped and so I removed my images and closed my membership. I suppose if I'd known that they would relent in time I might have left them alone. But given the number of photos I had that were there just to allow for inclusion in threads on various forums like this one my monthly 25Mb bandwidth would have been used up in a week or so and then no one would see the pics after all. So their "free user" option isn't much of an option at all.
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