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Tools you think you would use but don't.

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    You reminded me.....

    Air impact wrench. It's a 98 lb weakling. I'd like to kick sand over it, but I'll probably sell it at my next excess tool sale. I can do better loosening the nuts/bolts by hand.

    Electric impact wrench. A decent industrial one. It's a 105lb weakling, better than the air one, still loosens nothing much but my eardrums..... it talks the talk but it won't walk the walk. Probably goes when the other one does. Might keep it for loosening 1/4-20 nuts... that's about its capability.

    Big old vise... one swiveling jaw, the one in the body. Never used, mostly because I do not have a stand for it. It's too big for any of the brake drums I got to make bases from. Will keep it a while longer and see,

    Radial arm saw, DeWalt from the 50s or 60s. Got use back a while, has not been used recently.... not bringing me joy, but likely worth keeping for a bit before I move it onward.

    Router table... needed it for a while and did not have one. Got this one, and have not needed one since. Another one that will go when the RA saw goes.

    I know there are more, just can't think of them now. Some stuff just turns into background,

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      Yeah... knew somebody would start this. Sigh...

      For me, it's all the right speciality tools that I bought because I just finished muddling through some lousy job with the wrong tools, typically busting off a knuckle or two in the process. Of course, said job was so freaking ugly that I go to great lengths to never have to do it again, so the right tools just sit there, never used.

      Now, if I were smart.... but...



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        Biscuit jointer, used it a bunch of times when I first bought it. Has sat for probably 10 years. Old Printer's type saw with sliding table, was told they are great for cutting Al accurately, fixed it up, never got much use.


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          Top of the line pneumatic roofing nailer and 50 pound box of coiled nails. Bought it, decided the next week that the job was too big for just the War Wagon and me. Hired it out. Watched 15 guys re-roof my house in one day.

          In the old days I'd have never thought twice about roofing a house, especially mine, with a manual hammer no less! Things change.

          I never return a tool, so it is still in the box, having never shot the first nail. But if I ever want to....
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            Every tool I own is simply a toy to play with, so they only get used when I feel like using them, which is time shared with all my other hobbies.


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              3/8ths inch/pounds torque wrench. 8 yrs and never used it. What was I thinking.



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                The only tool I haven't used is a crappy Import (you know who I'm talking about) tool post grinder that does a terrible job. I also bought a HF spot welder (which actually does a good job) for a specific job that didn't materialize. Everything else has been used.
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                  Just like my signature says.

                  I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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                    I have a box of gear cutters that I bought from a machinery recycler a few years ago. There are full sets of 16, 12, 10, 8 pitches and some odds and ends for others. I still haven't used them but probably will never let them go. Also have an autocollimator that I haven't used yet, but I have plans to some day. I have an old Hobart 60% duty AC/DC welder that hasn't been used in 10 years. Also an old ford tractor that needs TLC. When I get a round tuit.

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                      A set of torque sticks. Used the one rated for my trucks wheel nuts (140 ft/lbs), but it never seemed to result in the nuts getting tight enough. After needing to go back over all the nuts to tighten them down with a torque wrench several times because the nuts came loose, the set I bought are unlikely to ever be used again...


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                        With Willy on the air ratchet
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                          Oh boy, does this thread remind me of all those tools that seemed like good ideas, but weren't.

                          The way that I look at it is: you can't always know - sometimes a tool turns out to be way more useful than you expected and sometimes vice versa. No regrets - it's all part of the game.


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                            Yup, plenty of air tools that never get used... Air sanders, tons of paint sprayers, air "palm" nailer (But I do use air nailers/staplers when needed, just never the "palm" nailer for those tight spaces -- never needed it). Air ratchet, air "nibbler", air sander, air grinder, air hammer, air chisels, and even bought an air drill that I never used. I do use a 1/2" air impact wrench for the vehicles occasionally. The most used air tool is probably the tire inflater, an air nozzle for blowing out/cleaning items, and of course the sand blaster. I did go crazy buying air tools for everything when I first got a compressor.


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                              When I setup a new wood shop ~10 years ago, I bought a large Grizzly wood shaper that I thought I'd use a lot but only used it a few times. I think I only made one set of raised panels with it.


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                                Originally posted by MikeL46 View Post
                                BP Shaper/Slotter. But, I better keep it 'cause next week I will need it!

                                We had one in our toolroom at GM and in the 28 years that I worked in the toolroom it never got used. We also had a slotter "vertical shaper" but I was almost the only one to use it. I cut some 1" keyways in it and it scared the crap out of me at first but it worked like a charm. Some management genius decided we didn't need it anymore and sold it off. I'm guessing it is sitting in his garage now. From that point on when we needed large keyways cut we sent them out.

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