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OT: Starting a 350HP 2400 volt synchronous motor with rotating 'stator'

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    Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
    Very interesting. Technically, nothing much new, but an interesting application technique that gets around many of the normal issues, by moving the location of the clutch, so it is not between the load and the motor.

    If it is true, as I read, that synchronous motors have inherently lower speed than equivalent (and more common, at the time?*) induction motors, substituting the former for the latter in an industrial setting potentially removes any intervening mechanical speed reduction, bringing motor and load that much closer. However, the complexity, cost, and maintenance of the speed reducer is more or less transferred to the startup-related mechanisms of the supersynchronous motor.

    * more common: meaning commonly used in start-under-load applications
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      They do, since they can have a lot of poles. IIRC, a 50 Hz synch motor can have a normal speed of as low as about 75 rpm. Must have torque out the wazoo, since the diameter for a motor of significant power is large.

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        ...I just kept waiting for smoke to start coming off the brake band...

        that was cool.

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