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Buck 6 jaw adjust tru chuck?

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  • Buck 6 jaw adjust tru chuck?

    I am considering buying a Buck adjust tru 6 jaw chuck. My main use will be to chamber and fit benchrest rifle barrels.

    Would this be a good choice of tool for this application?

    How much can they be trued once they are on the lathe?

    Any other input would be helpful but wanabees need not reply.

    Ron in Boise
    [email protected]

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    Let me give you a two part answer.
    The Buck Adjust Tru chuck is an excellent piece of equipment. Once properly set up on a lathe, it will give excellent repeatability for the size range it is set for, and pretty much throughout it's range. They will tell you that the chucks will give a certain repeatability, on the order of 0.0005" TIR, for duplicate parts, and I do not doubt it. However for non duplicate parts, you would have to dial in each time to get that accuracy.
    The chief advantage of the six jaw chuck is that it spreads the grip more evenly, and gives a better grip with less pressure. This is an advantage when working with thin walled material such as tubing. As the grip is spread, inaccuracies may also be averaged out, so it would tend to be slightly more accurate.
    If you are going to be chambering a number of barrels of the same size, the Adjust Tru would be a time saver. The three jaw would probably work just as well at a savings in price.
    For chamber reaming of many different size barrels, or any other job which requires dead nuts accuracy, the four jaw chuck is still the best option.
    For my money, to do benchrest rifles, I would stick with the four jaw.
    Jim H.


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      Another consideration for you is if it has removable top jaws you can use soft jaw inserts and make collet pads for the barrel. The soft jaws are machined to required shape and would definately hold a contoured barrel better and certainly a plain one far better. Less marring of the finish too.

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        do ur work between centers w/ a stdy rest & u wont have the problem of dialing in BOTH h/stock & outboard chucks ( assuming u have 30- 36 c/c)..couse ,u will have the broblem of putting 2 good centers on barrel!!!!!
        best wishes